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Open Access Government’s Transport News section offers a wide range of articles within the transport sector. 

We cover up to date topics such as the progression of electric cars and the push for zero-emission cars. Policy and the changes in the Law on Transport along with articles on the department of transport and relevant updates are also available on our website.

Another popular topic included in this category is the transport infrastructure in ‘SMART’ cities and you can easily find information on shipping regulations. We also delve into European transport policies and aviation news.

an example inland waterway transport, an image of a canal boat on a river with the sun setting

EU urban mobility must be sustainable and inclusive

Mateusz Szymański, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, sheds light on sustainable and inclusive urban mobility, including a call for the better use of inland waterway transport.
fuel cost

Motorway protests in response to soaring fuel costs

Go-slow protesters are targeting motorways in Wales, Essex and Devon, in a demonstration over high fuel costs.
rail strike

What is the RMT rail strike all about?

40,000 rail workers are striking in response to the UK government cutting jobs and refusing to increase pay in line with inflation.
cities in europe, potential

Unlocking the potential of cities in Europe

Alex Ryan, Urban Design and Transport Expert at PA Consulting, delves into unlocking the potential of cities in Europe.
Advanced air mobility, rural communities

Advanced air mobility can connect rural communities and regions

Taking lessons from advanced air mobility in urban spaces and applying it to rural and regional communities in the levelling-up agenda.
book driving test

Why is it so difficult to book a driving test?

Investigation reveals that driving tests are being bulk booked and resold for profit with learners paying more than £200 for a test.
Autonomous shipping, emissions

The background scenario for Autonomous Shipping

Marco Molica Colella, project coordinator for AUTOSHIP, discusses the EU’s role in autonomous shipping and changing of transport emissions globally.
sustainable mobility, transport

Learning the lessons of resilience for smart & sustainable mobility

Henrik Hololei, DG MOVE Director-General at the European Commission, outlines the importance of learning the lessons of resilience for smart & sustainable mobility.
electric cars, carbon emissions

Can electric cars save the UK from carbon emissions?

Though electric cars are greener than those running on fossil fuels, they generate mass carbon emissions during production and remain predominantly inaccessible.
short sea shipping, EU emissions

How can short sea shipping emissions be reduced?

Nikolaos P. Ventikos from the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, and Angeliki Stouraiti from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) explore the environmental footprint of short sea shipping and how the EU can reduce emissions.
shared mobility, net zero vision

Shared mobility can help to achieve Net Zero visions

Gunnar Froh, Founder and CEO of Wunder Mobility, shares his insight on how shared mobility can help leaders and citizens to achieve their Net Zero vision.
traffic system carbon

Delivering sustainable traffic management & control solutions

Gavin Trimnell, Sales Director, explains how Yunex Traffic’s systems help authorities to drive down carbon emissions and costs.
greener shopping initiatives

Transport for London promotes greener shopping initiatives

TfL is encouraging shoppers and retailers around London to adopt greener initiatives to reduce emissions, including using click and collect, green delivery slots and grouping deliveries.
public transport

Revolutionising transport & the imperative role of connectivity and 5G

Chris Holmes, Transport Programme Director at West Midlands 5G, explores how connectivity is set to unlock the future of more intelligent and intuitive transport.
modernise rail

£96 billion public investment to modernise rail networks

New £96 billon plans unveiled to modernise rail connections across England, as the biggest ever public investment for the rail network.
low carbon locomotive

The new locomotive contributing to net-zero carbon

A new low carbon locomotive design launched by Nuclear Transport Solutions’ (NTS) rail division is to be presented at this year’s Low Carbon Logistics event in Mossend, Scotland.
decarbonising technology

The decarbonising technology transforming net-zero transport

STFC, IP Group, and Reaction Engines are joining forces to create a decarbonisation technology company to lead the transport sector to net-zero emissions.
uk electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle

50% of UK drivers will switch to electric vehicles within 10 years

According to ONS data, over 50% of UK drivers are willing to switch to electric vehicles within the next decade - theoretically, well in time for the zero emissions by 2050 goal.
fuel crisis

How collective intelligence could prevent a future fuel crisis

Kathy Peach, Director at Nesta’s Centre for Collective Intelligence Design and Professor Thomas Chesney, The University of Nottingham, examines how the current fuel crisis – and any future ones - could be prevented with the use of collective intelligence.
15-minute city

How the 15-minute city concept can revolutionise London

Achieving a net-zero 15-minute city seems overly ambitious, especially in highly industrialised cities like London, but, David Watkins, founder and COO at DASH Rides, believes that solutions like integrating e-mobility could be the answer.

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