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Open Access Government’s Energy category can offer a wide range of articles exploring research and issues from around the world. 

You can find articles on the research of clean, sustainable living along with energy efficient households and businesses. We have also included topics such as energy innovations in Asia and advancements in new energy technology.

Renewable energy investments along with ocean and hydrogen research are popular topics covered in the category that are regularly updated.

Find more energy pieces within the environment category there are many sustainable and efficient energy pieces there.

Electricity transmission towers with glowing wires against the starry sky

2022 – a year unlike any other for EU energy policy

Kadri Simson, EU Commissioner for Energy, explains why 2022 was a year unlike any other for EU energy policy.
Delivering a resilient and sustainable electricity supply for the UK's data centres

Delivering a resilient and sustainable electricity supply for the UK’s data centres

Antony White, Sector Lead for UK Power Networks Services, discusses the challenges that data centres face meeting capacity requirements, ensuring a resilient energy supply and balancing sustainability pressures.
person working in a public sector building

CCS could save the public sector over £2 billion with its Energy 2 agreement

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) released their new Energy 2 agreement, expected to supply up to £51 billion of electricity and gas to the public sector.
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The importance of hydrogen safety in the energy transition

Protium explores the importance of hydrogen safety. The piece begins with a comment on hydrogen’s role in the energy transition.
Motion Blur Shot Of Medical Staff Wearing Scrubs In Busy Hospital Corridor

Decarbonising the NHS Estate in 2023

The NHS is aiming to become the world’s first net-zero health service by 2040, through reducing the harmful gases it puts into the atmosphere, decarbonising the NHS Estate and reaching an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2028 to 2032.
Oil Refinery And Pipeline In Desert

To solve the energy crisis, we must first focus on curbing our energy waste

The energy crisis is now affecting millions of people, and we can't afford to lose more – how could digitisation help reduce our energy waste?
outdoor unit of a heat pump heating system surrounded by flowers

Three transformative heating technologies for decarbonising public sector estates

Chris Caton, product director – Commercial, at Ideal Heating, explains the impact that three low and zero-carbon heating technologies could have on decarbonising public sector buildings.
Maroš Šefčovič and colleagues at the 7th High-Level Meeting of European Battery Alliance

Main takeaways from the 7th High-Level Meeting of the European Battery Alliance

Vice-President Maroš Šefčovič recently chaired the European Battery Alliance Ministerial, discussing ways to foster the global competitiveness of the European battery industry.
Hydrogen periodic table element, mining, science, nature, innovation

The real potential of hydrogen fuel cells: Bramble Energy’s PCBFC™ Solution

Swiss inventor Francois Isaac de Rivaz created the world’s first internal combustion engine vehicle powered by hydrogen in 1807. Yet, hydrogen fuel cells have not become part of the mainstream fuel mix in mobility circles.
Solar panels on roof against sunrise

Financing Britain’s energy transition – the scope and opportunities in solar energy

As war rages in Ukraine and the ensuing energy crisis stoked by Russia’s aggression takes hold, the need for energy independence, such as solar energy, has never been more apparent.
Part of reactor. Reaction has started with nuclear energy

How does nuclear energy play a role in our lives?

Michael Good, Associate Professor, School of Sciences and Humanities, at Nazarbayev University, walks us through the topic of nuclear energy and its role in our lives.
Bad water Basin - Dead Valley National Park at Sunset.

Salt caverns could be key to renewable energy and hydrogen storage

Salt caverns in the Earth could be key to harnessing renewable energy, urge researchers, who note that salt itself could aid hydrogen production.
3D illustration, concept image of battery recycling, renewable energy.

Beyond lithium: New technologies for Europe’s sustainable battery industry

Alex Hunter, CEO of Sherwood Power, argues that we will only see a competitive and sustainable battery industry for Europe if we embrace new battery technologies and energy storage solutions.
Environmentally friendly and renewable energy

The role of hydrogen in the UK’s transition to net zero

Dr Dustin Bauer, Associate, with Georgina Ainscow, Partner, discusses the role of hydrogen in the UK’s transition to net zero.
woman touching radiator indicating energy crisis problems

Energy price crisis: Support for consumers & businesses

Petru Sorin Dandea from the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), explores the support available for consumers and businesses in light of the energy price crisis.
Energy towers on a bright dawn sky background (silhouette).

Moving the energy system towards climate action

In 2020, the World Resources Institute reported that 73% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulted from the consumption of energy – it's time to improve the energy system.
abstact image of blue energy in a ball

Fusion solutions: The UK takes STEP towards low-carbon energy

The UK might see a steady flow of low-carbon energy without the need for fossil fuels following Science Minister George Freeman's announcement of the UK Industrial Fusion Solutions Ltd.
Sustainable, green energy city, urban ecology concept

EU building renovation for energy efficiency and the role of banks

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and rising fuel prices have forced EU countries to reevaluate their energy policies, bringing energy efficiency and building renovation into sharp focus.
Seawater with sea foam as seamless background

Green hydrogen produced from seawater with nearly 100% efficiency

Researchers have successfully split seawater to produce green hydrogen, a highly reactive fuel alternative that reduces emissions.
The old rusty ship was stranded by a storm. Oil spill from a tanker, environmental pollution

Oil spill “high vulnerability zone” threatens the global energy supply

A single oil spill could disrupt the global energy supply – shutting down major gas export facilities and vital desalination plants.

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