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Open Access Government’s Energy category can offer a wide range of articles exploring research and issues from around the world. 

You can find articles on the research of clean, sustainable living along with energy efficient households and businesses. We have also included topics such as energy innovations in Asia and advancements in new energy technology.

Renewable energy investments along with ocean and hydrogen research are popular topics covered in the category that are regularly updated.

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energy needs

Cut energy needs and promote renewable to reach net-zero

To win the net-zero race, we must cut energy needs and make energy sources renewable, argues Professor Phil Hart, Director of Energy and Power at Cranfield University
blue hydrogen

‘Blue’ hydrogen may be worse than gas and coal, say researchers

Cornell and Stanford University researchers believe blue hydrogen may be harming the climate more than burning fossil fuels
solar energy better than nuclear, mission to mars

Scientists say solar energy better than nuclear energy on Mars

Is solar energy better than nuclear energy? Scientists say solar tech could provide all the power needed for an extended mission to Mars.
perovskite solar cells, ferrocenes

Researchers improve energy efficiency of perovskite solar cells

Scientists have found a way to push perovskite solar cells to an energy efficiency of 25% - which could eventually lead to a replacement of silicon solar cells.
saltwater battery, renewable energy

€2.5 million EU grant for sustainable saltwater battery project

An Imperial College London graduate, Jiajun Cen, won a €2.5 million grant from the European Innovation Council to develop a saltwater battery.
organic waste, biogas

Unlocking organic waste to get to a greener future, sooner

Robert Dysiewicz, World Biogas Association Advisory Council Member discusses how the transition to a new era of waste management will align with a circular economy,
global oil demand, fossil fuel

Energy experts propose four-month plan to cut global oil demand

The International Energy Agency (IEA) say that a set of actions, taken for four months, could cut global oil demand by 2.7 million barrels per day.
heat pump technology, mitsubishi electric

The road to net-zero requires heat pump technology

Russell Dean, Head of Residential Heating and Ventilation at Mitsubishi Electric, charts the road to net-zero that requires heat pump technology.
carbon zero city, european green cities

Energy-producing buildings & carbon zero city districts

Peder Vejsig Pedersen from European Green Cities turns the spotlight on energy-producing buildings and carbon zero city districts.
Heating sector

Energy efficiency must be prioritised first in heating

Carsten Østergård Pedersen, Rune Kaagaard Sørensen and Asbjørn Bjerregaard Ebbesen from Grundfos Holding A/S argue that energy efficiency should be prioritised first in heating
hydrogen revolution

Artificial intelligence to predict the future in the energy sector

It is increasingly important to be able to predict the conditions affecting the generation, distribution and consumption of energy. VTT EnergyTeller is lending a hand
electricity infrastructure

How do we enable energy transition in buildings?

Pavol Bodis, Technical Coordinator at TNO, says that getting energy independent buildings is an EU priority for electricity infrastructures
russian oil, eu russian energy

EU plans Green Deal “acceleration” to stop Russian oil dependency 

President von der Leyen said she would push "focused acceleration of the European Green Deal" to change existing EU dependency on Russian oil, coal and gas.
ai hydropower, hydroelectric dam

AI to calculate hydropower development across Amazon river

Researchers employ artificial intelligence for sustainable hydropower development across the Amazon River basin – working across eight countries in South America.
advanced biofuels europe, renewable fuels

Fully assembled & integrated plant to produce advanced biofuels

Here, we learn about the Horizon 2020 To-Syn-Fuel project that opens its pre-commercial plant to demonstrate the conversion of waste biomass to liquid fuels & green hydrogen.
fuel cell carbon, hydrogen

Environmentally friendly fuel cells to capture 99% of carbon dioxide

Researchers use hydrogen fuel cells for carbon capture, bringing environmentally friendly fuel cells to transportation and technology.
Carbon neutrality nuclear

Transition to carbon neutrality cannot happen without nuclear and coal

Marcin Nowacki, Member of the EESC, Employers’ Group (Group I), charts the energy transition to carbon neutrality that cannot happen without nuclear & coal.
taiwan offshore wind, renewable energy

Offshore wind energy in Taiwan

Simon Faulkner, Country Manager/Lead Project Manager at Wood Thilsted, sheds light on offshore wind energy in Taiwan.
sustainable batteries

The Africa connection

Finding sustainable battery materials to keep Europe’s electrification clean, its conscience clear and its energy transition on track.
combined heat and power, buildings

TED Gen: The Combined heat and power revolution

Here, TED Generation (TED Gen) explains how to improve the economic and environmental future of your business – using Combined heat and power (CHP) to decrease energy costs and rewrite carbon footprints.

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