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Has COVID 19 increased our acceptance of the role of ’Artificial Intelligence’ in the office workplace?

COVID and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the workplace

Has COVID 19 increased our acceptance of the role of ’Artificial Intelligence’ in the office workplace? Placemaking discuss the notion...

Moving Forward. How the post COVID-19 working world could see a shift away from...

The pandemic showed that sudden and drastic changes to traditional ways of working can be made without the reduction in productivity many pre-COVID 19...
HQ and workplaces aft COVID-19

After COVID-19: The HQ of the future will be smaller and more adaptable

PLACEmaking discuss the future of the workplace after COVID-19, particularly the change of location for the organisation HQ fora flexible workforce.
Working from home

After Covid-19: New ways of working in offices or at home

PLACEmaking examine how ways of working will have changed after the Covid-19 pandemic with a shift from working in offices.

Smart Working and Loneliness – a social issue for flexible working

PLACEmaking discuss loneliness in Smart Working environments, and how to encourage social interaction for the benefit of employees
Diabolo (memy) Limited

Coaching Stories – When were you last flowing and glorious?

In Coaching Stories Karen Dean and Sam Humphrey intimately share their varied experiences as executive coaches in 48 stories.

The importance of the modern workplace for employment

PLACEmaking delve into the issue of why your traditional workplace is putting off the next generation of talented employees

The decline of the traditional office: Are smarter ways of working the replacement?

With the traditional office lease in demise, Alison White of PLACEmaking looks at what is emerging as a replacement in terms of smarter working, including the impact on people and how support services need to be repurposed
Ignition! Workshop

Ignition! Workshop – Training to be Amazing!

Wellbeing Dynamics presents the Ignition! Workshop - a programme for young people ages 9-25 to encourage self-esteem and mental well-being Young People are our new Leaders,...
Agile Business Consortium

Putting business agility at the heart of government

Agile Business Consortium discuss promoting business agility within central government The government’s commitment to improve its delivery of public services by introducing an Agile business...
Wellbeing Dynamics

Are you still affected by trauma?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you say to yourself: “Here we go again!”?  And you wonder: “Why do I even...
Wellbeing Dynamics

Clever Platforms: Accessible profiling and business tools

One of the most important activities for HR is Who to put Where in what Role and with what Responsibilities.  And whether you are...

Why you don’t need continuous improvement

Why bother with continuous improvement when you already have the most efficient and effective organisation you could possibly have? You’ve coped long enough without it,...
Wellbeing Dynamics

The importance of management social-interpersonal skills

In its recent report QUALITY OF WORKING LIFE , The Chartered Management Institute has reported that workplace anxiety, stress and depression is on the...

Continual Learning, Continual Improvement

Keith Parsons, Managing Director, Dembridge provides an insight into learning and delivering Lean Six Sigma People see Lean Six Sigma as a massive toolbox. It...

Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015: Training

Training Effective training should enable all of the dutyholders to achieve compliance with the regulations in an efficient and cost-effective way, achieving the objectives of...

An inclusive approach to evacuation plans

It is vital for a business to have facilities and procedures in place to help disabled people move around a building – and it...

Passivhaus Tradesperson Course

Saint-Gobain UK and Ireland has announced the launch of its Passive House Tradesperson Course, enabling tradespeople to gain international accreditation for one of the...

Construction Design and Management Regulations 2015: Are the Clients Ready?

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM2015) received Parliamentary approval on 29th January 2015, and will come into force on 6th April 2015; the question...

Continuous Improvement: Is it really worth it?

It’s a constant message: improve efficiency and effectiveness. This directive continues to dominate the world of public services. But why does it appear to...

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