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Shot of a young woman suffering from stomach cramps on the sofa at home

What are the causes of endometriosis? A study suggests genetics

Researchers were able to better identify the causes of endometriosis using different datasets of women with and without the condition, finding genetics play a large role.
A female pupil is sitting behind a computer receiving help in lesson from a male teacher

Can ChatGPT and other generative AI ease the workload burden on teachers?

Teacher workloads have dominated headlines since the start of the year, as widespread strikes have taken over the UK’s education system - could ChatGPT help?
African girls carrying water from the well, Ethiopia, Africa

Tax transparency could further SDG progress and human rights attainment

Some of the private sectors can make a positive impact towards achieving the UN’s SDGs simply by paying tax – but also by exercising tax transparency.

James Webb Space Telescope detects dust storm on exoplanet VHS 1256b

For the first time, a raging dust storm has been observed by the James Webb Space Telescope on the exoplanet known as VHS 1256b, which is outside our Solar System.
migrant boats

Home secretary argues the Rwanda deal is “founded on compassion”

Home secretary Suella Braverman continues to push for the Rwanda deal, where all illegal migrants will either be located back to their home countries – or to the central African country.
Politician speaking publicly from the lectern during political rally, Nikon Z7

The importance of address validation for government agencies

Address validation plays a crucial role in data quality for many functions in municipal, state, and federal agencies.
person working in a public sector building

CCS could save the public sector over £2 billion with its Energy 2 agreement

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) released their new Energy 2 agreement, expected to supply up to £51 billion of electricity and gas to the public sector.
Modern Office: Portrait of Motivated Black IT Programmer Working on Laptop Computer. Male Specialist Create Website, Software Engineer Develop Programme. Shot with Visual Effects of Running Code.

Plugging the cybersecurity skills gap to retain security professionals

The global pool of security professionals needs to grow 65% to defend organisations’ critical assets - so how can we plug the cybersecurity skills gap?
blue energy background

The importance of hydrogen safety in the energy transition

Protium explores the importance of hydrogen safety. The piece begins with a comment on hydrogen’s role in the energy transition.
process flow diagram on a computer

Are your processes right and do your people follow them?

With a former public sector background, Patrick Parker (Director at CGR Ltd) reflects on the benefits of bringing your process flow out of diagrams & policies into living collaborative systems.
insomnia in older person

Getting enough sleep is vital for healthy ageing

Dr Deborah Lee from Dr Fox Online Pharmacy analyses insomnia in the UK and why getting enough sleep is vital for healthy ageing.
Aerial view suburban neighborhood with identical wealthy, Milton Keynes, Furzton

8 green ways landlords can make more sustainable properties

As the demand for eco-friendly solutions continues to grow, landlords face the challenge of looking for ways to change homes to become sustainable properties.
Motion Blur Shot Of Medical Staff Wearing Scrubs In Busy Hospital Corridor

Decarbonising the NHS Estate in 2023

The NHS is aiming to become the world’s first net-zero health service by 2040, through reducing the harmful gases it puts into the atmosphere, decarbonising the NHS Estate and reaching an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2028 to 2032.
teacher in a computer lesson

Edtech at the forefront of PM’s education reforms

New Prime Minister Rishi Sunak set out his education reforms recently, pledging to improve professional development for teachers and expand the use of AI in classrooms.
person being arrested by the police in the UK

The Baroness Casey Review: Racism, misogyny and homophobia in policing

The Baroness Casey Review demonstrates a rigorous scratch of the surface exposing institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia within policing.
doctor looking stressed over technology

New NHS healthcare deal may lead to higher costs and lower quality tech

A new NHS healthcare deal looking to merge health tech among data specialists could result in lower quality, more expensive software in the NHS.
Nurse holding patient's hand for dementia care

Overcoming global inequities in cognitive healthcare to combat dementia

CEO of ViewMind Inc, Mark Edwards, discusses overcoming global inequities in cognitive healthcare to combat the dementia epidemic.
Businessman using a computer to document management for ERP. Enterprise resource planning concept.

Six automotive ERP integration types to improve your business performance

ERP integration can optimize enterprise management, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency, improved productivity, and advanced workflow transparency.
Police stand guard on Whitehall st

Met Police misconduct: 1000 sexual allegations to be investigated against officers

800 Met Police officers are being investigated, facing sexual and domestic abuse claims and other accusations of potential Met Police misconduct.
girl learning to design windmills at university

What is stopping institutions from building green campuses?

Green campuses can be key to higher and further education institutions to achieve the sustainability targets prospective students increasingly look for.

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