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Robots welding in a production line

Robots as enablers: Improving the working culture in the public sector through automation

Nathan Cairns, Head of Intelligent Automation Practice at Kainos, discusses how automation could impact the public sector.
Ai, Cloud computing. Digital change management internet of things.

How AI and cloud-native can help fight the recession

AI and cloud native technologies could help the UK public sector to brace itself for the recession, as well as support growth in times of uncertainty.

How did past societies handle the impacts of climate change?

Impacts of climate change on past human societies over the past 5000 years offer lessons for current global warming preparation.
omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood linked to lower risk of kidney problems

Study shows how higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids found in seafood are associated with a moderately lower risk of chronic kidney disease and, therefore, a slower decline in kidney function.
worldwide recession

The impact of the worldwide recession on the tech industry 

Code Enigma discusses how a worldwide recession would affect IT spending, the tech industry, and macroeconomic trends.
The asteroid Ryugu, as seen by Japan's Hayabusa2 spacecraft on June 30, 2018. (Image credit: JAXA, University of Tokyo, Kochi University, Rikkyo University, Nagoya University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Meiji University, University of Aizu and AIST.)

The Ryugu asteroid holds a key to understanding solar system formation

Samples from the 162173 Ryugu asteroid collected by Japan’s Hayabusa2 spacecraft could help us understand the chemical composition of the solar system.
Raw brown basmati rice

What makes brown rice so beneficial to our health?

Why is brown rice generally more nutritious than white rice? Researchers find that the cell-protecting compound in brown rice is what makes it so beneficial.
building skyline

UKAS CertCheck: introducing surety into supply chains and the procurement process

The need for a robust and dependable supply chain is universal across all businesses and industries. UKAS CertCheck has the ability to introduce surety into supply chains and the procurement process.
human anatomy,

Synthetic sticky molecules to build organs and treat disease

Scientists have developed synthetic adhesion molecules that have the potential to be used to build organs and treat diseases.
Alzheimer's disease detection sensor

Early Alzheimer’s disease detection sensor in development

Researchers are developing a new Alzheimer's disease detection sensor that can be used in the early stages of Alzheimers and a number of other diseases.
Hacker using computer virus for cyber attack

Ransomware attacks remain the most acute threat to organisations

Ransomware attacks continue to be the most dominant threat to UK organisations and are having catastrophic consequences on critical national infrastructure.
Confederate Flag Rally

US states lack effective hate crime legislation despite increasing hate crimes

Hate crimes in the United States have increased in frequency in recent years, however, legislation protecting victims is limited across many states.
3D illustration of the simulated air blast and generated blast wave 10 seconds following the detonation of a 750 kT nuclear warhead above a typical metropolitan city; the radius of the shock bubble at ground level is 4.6 km.

How to shelter from a nuclear bomb

War in Ukraine and a Russian leader threatening nuclear is frightening; ever wondered how to shelter from a nuclear bomb?

Meteorite hunting: Antarctica reveals five new treasures

According to researchers, Antarctica, although a tough place to work, is one of the best places on the globe to hunt for meteorites.
Underwater kelp forest, catalina island, california

Tropical kelp forest “twice the normal size” discovered in the Galapagos Islands

A tropical kelp forest of “enormous importance” has been found in the Galapagos Islands, harbouring potential for massive carbon sequestration.
Self driving car on a road

Going green: transport innovation in the face of climate change

How transport innovations and developments will shape our futures despite the challenges of climate change.
Contours of magnetic fields that emerge a result self organization microscopic currents resulting from the weibel instability in carbon dioxide laser produced plasma probed by an ultrashort relativistic electron beam image courtesy Chaojie Zhang University California Los Angeles

Exploring the mechanism of cosmic magnetic fields

Recent research shows that magnetic fields can spontaneously emerge in plasma through a mechanism known as the Weibel instability.
woman communicating in sign language online

Looking back at the last decade on digital accessibility in online learning

There is a need to secure equal opportunities for students in online learning spaces – schools can do this by improving digital accessibility.
Inclusive public bathroom sign on wooden pannelling

Gender neutral toilet signs improve attitudes towards trans and nonbinary people

Something as simple as seeing gender neutral toilet signs in public places is linked to adolescents becoming more accepting of trans and nonbinary people.
Stethoscope by a computer keyboard

How can speech recognition redefine patient care?

Speech recognition solutions could tackle the administrative burden of clinical documentation, and help deliver better-informed patient treatment.

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