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low-touch economy

How technology innovations have helped fast-track the low-touch economy

Here, Fulcare look at how businesses and workers are innovating their jobs to fit in with the new low-touch economy.
COVID vaccine 12 year olds, pfizer

Pfizer applies for COVID vaccine to be given to 12-year-olds

Pfizer could make their COVID vaccine available to 12-year-olds in Europe from June, after clinical trials in March showed 100% efficiency for those aged 12 to 15.
40 and over

NHS offers COVID-19 vaccine to all people 40 and over

The NHS is now inviting everyone aged 40 and over to book in for a COVID-19 vaccine.
heart bypass

Black patients are more likely than white patients to die after heart surgery

A new study has found that Black patients are more likely to die after their heart bypass surgery than white patients in the same hospitals.
Simon Bolton

Simon Bolton appointed interim CEO of NHS Digital

NHS Digital has announced that Simon Bolton has been appointed as its interim CEO.
missing second COVID dose, pfizer

Researchers say missing second COVID dose could “prolong pandemic”

The study found that missing a second COVID dose could "prolong" the pandemic, with more than 5 million people in the US not taking their scheduled dose.
childhood vaccinations

More than 25% of children have not received childhood vaccinations

According to new research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, more than a quarter of American children had not received common childhood vaccinations in 2018.
fix the digital skills gap

How can the north-west fix the digital skills gap?

Matt Adam, chief executive of We Are Digital, explains how the north-west is fixing the digital skills gap.
national illness service

Turning the national illness service into the national health service

Robin Stern, Chair at Future Perfect (Healthcare), discusses how patient journeys currently reflect a national 'illness' service, not a national health service.
brazilian covid mutation, p.1

Brazilian COVID mutation more likely to evade immunity

The city of Manaus was hit so overwhelmingly by the Brazilian COVID mutation, it was believed that 75% of the population had COVID - what new truths are scientists learning about this powerful variant? 
booster vaccines

UK Government purchases 60 million Pfizer booster vaccines

The UK Government has purchased a further 60 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine to help support the booster vaccination programme.
the HPV vaccine

Only 16% of men received HPV vaccine

Researchers from Michigan Medicine have found that only 16% of men had received at least one dose of the HPV vaccine.
side effects of the Pfizer vaccine

What are the side effects of the Pfizer vaccine?

Here, we assess some of the most common side effects of the Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.
household transmission

Single COVID-19 vaccine dose reduces household transmission by 49%

New Public Health England (PHE) study finds that one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine reduces household transmission by up to 49%.
risk of cancer

Mushroom consumption lowers the risk of cancer by 45%

Higher mushroom consumption is associated with a 45% lower risk of cancer, according to a new Penn State study.
needle phobia

How patients can overcome needle phobia and get the COVID vaccine

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, explores what can be done to help patients who refuse the COVID-19 vaccination due to needle phobia.
side effects of the Moderna vaccine

What are the side effects of the Moderna vaccine?

Here we list some of the most common and uncommon side effects of the Moderna vaccine and discuss the latest trials on pediatric participants.
acellular agriculture

Advancing the future of food manufacturing with acellular agriculture

Here, James Sopwith, managing director of adi Projects, discusses how hot demand for sustainable food production can be enhanced and developed further with core engineering skillsets.
emotionally intelligent robot, robot

Can scientists create emotionally intelligent robots?

Scientists at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology are trying to use neuroscience to create emotionally intelligent robots - which process more than logical instructions.
inclusive leadership

Diversity and inclusion: The ABC of inclusive leadership

Ali Shalfrooshan, Head of International Assessment R&D, PSI Services, outlines the challenges that organisations face in building a consistent vision that will help to guide inclusive behaviour and highlights the three phases of allyship in the journey towards inclusive leadership.

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