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universal COVID vaccines, T cells

Universal COVID vaccines can learn from the common cold

Research shows that T cells, created by the common cold, can give some protection against COVID - which means that universal vaccines can mimic this technology.
sustainable diets, vegan diet

The healthy, cost-effective benefits of sustainable diets

Research highlights the advantages of vegan diets - being both the cheapest food option in high income countries and the healthiest.
ocean acidity, global warming modelling

The key to global warming models is ocean acidity

Ocean acidity is an essential variable in validating climate models, accurately predicting complex environmental dynamics and major changes to Pacific Ocean currents.
sickle cell anaemia

£2.3 million awarded to York University for sickle cell anaemia research

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation have awarded £2.3million to the University of York, in attempt to push research into sickle cell anaemia.
sea temperature

Upper ocean temperatures break records for sixth year

Earth’s oceans are hotter than ever with accumulated heat in the upper ocean at record levels, breaking the temperature record for a sixth consecutive year.
microchip production lithuania, china microchip

Taiwan announces $200 million for microchip production in Lithuania

Taiwan announced a $200 million investment for microchip production in Lithuania, with a further $1 billion credit programme for innovation.
rechargeable lithium batteries, battery capacity

Scientists can restore lifespan of a dead lithium battery

Researchers have found a way to revitalise rechargeable lithium batteries, potentially improving the capacity of next generation batteries.
mental health heart disease, mental health drugs

Increased use of mental health drugs in patients with heart disease

According to a new study, nearly one in five patients with heart disease use mental health drugs, leading to almost a doubled risk of premature deaths with the condition.
trust in ai

Data reveals people do not trust AI weapons

As AI becomes more integrated into twenty-first century society, researchers have investigated to what extent the general public trust it.
james webb telescope, james webb mirror

James Webb Telescope successfully unfolds mirror in space

NASA have successfully unfolded the 21-foot gold-coated primary mirror of the James Webb telescope, which is the largest telescope to be launched into space.
COVID vaccine menstrual cycle, mRNA vaccines

COVID vaccine can cause temporary change to menstruation cycle

Scientists analysed 23,754 menstrual cycles to find that menstruation can be temporarily, harmlessly changed - by taking two mRNA vaccines during the same cycle.
coastal regions

The secret link between deforestation and flooding in West Africa

The frequency of thunderstorms has doubled in the last 30 years, in some fast-growing West African coastal cities.
isolation and loneliness

Smoking can cause social isolation and loneliness

A study suggests that smokers are more likely to become socially isolated and lonely as they age, compared to non-smokers.
government's campaign, diets of children

UK Government launch child health campaign with NHS Food Scanner App

The UK Government launched a New Better Health campaign for children, with an NHS Food Scanner App for parents to use.
grenfell unsafe cladding, grenfell developers

UK changes post-Grenfell plan for unsafe cladding

After the Grenfell tower tragedy in 2017, the UK failed to remove unsafe cladding across the country - now, the Government has a new proposal for developers.
marsh pollution, sea anemones

How has marsh pollution affected the survival of sea anemones?

Scientists say the stationary sea anemone, Nematostella, has been decreasing in numbers - as it becomes severely impacted by pollution.
sea dragon fossil

Giant fossilised ‘Sea Dragon’ found in UK reservoir

Rutland reservoir reveals 2 tonne and 180 million year old Ichthyosaur Sea Dragon, approximately 10 metres long.
animal movement, enerscape

Researchers use technology to calculate movement of large land animals

Tracking the movements of large wild animals, researchers developed the software ‘enerscape’, protecting species and helping humans avoid animal contact.
healthy cognition

Protecting ageing synapses through exercise

Keeping the ageing population as active as possible, enhances the connections between neurons to maintain healthy cognition.
diversity history classes, curriculum

Addressing diversity in UK secondary school history classes

Issues with diversity have occurred in school curriculums across the UK, but a national survey of teachers has noted history classes are incorporating more representation into their lessons.

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