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influence government

“Influence government” – targeted ads and the risk to the public

Andy Woods, Design Director, Rouge Media, explores what “influence government” really means, how technology is changing and whether its rising use is a risk to the public.
national privacy legislation

How state laws drive the future of national privacy legislation

Rob Shavell, Co-Founder and CEO of Abine/DeleteMe, discusses how “local & limited” privacy laws will shape the future of national privacy legislation.
fintech innovation 

European regulatory environment acting as driver of fintech innovation 

Susan Friedman, Head of Public Policy, Ripple, discusses how European regulation acts as a driver for fintech innovation.
data strategy

On life support: The NHS desperately needs to modernise its data strategy

NHS Digital decision-makers desperately need to modernise their data strategy. Here we look at how this can be done.
15-minute city

How the 15-minute city concept can revolutionise London

Achieving a net-zero 15-minute city seems overly ambitious, especially in highly industrialised cities like London, but, David Watkins, founder and COO at DASH Rides, believes that solutions like integrating e-mobility could be the answer.
electronic healthcare records

Load balancing EHR for robust healthcare IT applications 

Optimising Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) means maximising availability, performance and security - and that's where load balancers come in. George Booth, Healthcare Business Development Manager at, tells us more.
teenagers with depression, depressed adolescent

Researchers say teens with depression “mute” upsetting information

The University of Oxford found that teenagers with depression "mute" upsetting information, while depressed adults do not have the same coping mechanism.
lake and river mars, jezero crater

Perseverance rover finds ancient lake and river systems on Mars

The NASA rover perseverance found evidence of ancient lake and river systems on Mars, a water system that was working 3.8 or 3.6 billion years ago.
volunteering for the NHS

Combatting misconceptions around volunteering for the NHS

Here, Paddy Hanrahan, Strategy & Innovation Director at Helpforce, tackles five major misconceptions around volunteering for the NHS, setting the facts from fiction.
UK test and trace, uk covid

MPs say UK Test and Trace system “ultimately failed” to stop deaths

The 150-page Health and Social Committee report says the UK Government "ultimately failed" to establish a working Test and Trace system - which led to thousands of COVID deaths.
Mature students

Mature students must retrain to future proof their career chances

Professor Martin Jones, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Designate at Staffordshire University, discusses why it is important for mature students to retrain to future proof their career chances.
sector procurement

Public sector procurement requires a new lens on value

Simon Payne, Client Director at Proxima, discusses the challenges that public sector procurement teams are facing and how they can deliver social value.
baltic fish stocks, fishing

European Council agrees use of Baltic fish stocks for 2022

Yesterday (11 October), EU farming and fisheries ministers decided on the use of Baltic fish stocks in 2022 - including access to a species in UK waters.
consumer expectations

National Customer Service Week: Changing consumer expectations

Technology experts evaluate the impact of changed consumer expectations, in recognition of National Customer Service Week 2021.
women’s rights, menopause

How has the struggle for women’s rights affected our menopause

Dr Ghazala Aziz-Scott, specialist in integrative women's health and bioidentical hormone balancing for The Marion Gluck Clinic, explains how our busy lives have affected our menopause.
influential women

Ada Lovelace Day: Tech’s most influential women share their views

In celebration of Ada Lovelace Day 2021, the top women in the tech industry talk about what the day means to them and for the wider tech world.
importance of employee wellbeing

Why employee wellbeing must remain a priority as we enter hybrid working

Erin Eatough, Behavioral Science Manager, BetterUp, explores why hybrid working has elevated the importance of employee wellbeing .
new cancer treatment, immunotherapy combination

New cancer treatment creates best “overall survival ever”

A new cancer treatment, an immunotherapy combination as opposed to gruelling chemotherapy, is saving the lives of head and neck cancer patients.
Hybrid Burnout

Supporting employees returning to the hybrid workplace

Brendan Street, Head of Charity, Nuffield Health, ponders the latest workplace epidemic Hybrid Burnout and how to help staff manage the psychological stress of balancing home and office working.
free travel rail pass

60,000 Europeans aged 18-20 to receive free travel rail pass

The European Commission has announced that it will provide 60,000 Europeans aged 18-20 years with a free travel rail pass.

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