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Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, Germany, a cultural heritage site

Climate information for cultural heritage resilience

Lola Kotova from Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) unpacks climate information for strengthening the resilience of cultural heritage in times of anthropogenic climate change, presenting in this vein a fascinating case study for Germany.
Forest dieback using the example of a group of diseased spruces in a mixed forest in Germany

Understanding the impact of drought on forests: Bridging science and practice

Due to the very long rotation times of trees 100 years old or more, the forest sector is being particularly affected by the changes brought about by climate change, especially by the impact of drought.
Power Plant in the sunrise

Biofuels as petroleum alternatives: Closing the carbon cycle with bacteria

Finding a way to close the carbon cycle is crucial in our steps towards a greener planet; researchers believe that filtering out petroleum and utilizing other options like biofuels we can help reduce our CO2 emissions.
Green hydrogen production offshore: developing accepted solutions PtX production platform

Green hydrogen production offshore: developing accepted solutions

GERICS discusses the production of green hydrogen offshore for sustainable energy solutions in Germany.
A “Halloween-esque” Twist of Global Climate Change

A “Halloween-esque” Twist of Global Climate Change

Dr Pamela Lein discusses a sinister threat to human health as a result of pathogens introduced by global climate change.

The overlooked water-bound loss of carbon from peatlands

In this third contribution of a series of four, Bernd Lennartz, Haojie Liu and Franziska Tanneberger give insight into the water-bound loss of carbon from peat soils.
Amazon is taking on climate change, one electric truck at a time. Explore how the eCommerce giant is moving toward a more sustainable future.

Amazon Leads eCommerce Sustainability with Electric Truck Rollout

Amazon is taking on climate change, one electric truck at a time. Explore how the eCommerce giant is moving toward a more sustainable future.
climate forecast

European Climate Prediction system project (EUCP)

GERICS connects stakeholders and researchers in the EU project EUCP (European Climate Prediction system project).
Soil Microbes

Could soil microbes be a solution to the climate crisis?

Research from Arpita Bose’s lab combines nature with the laboratory to innovate solutions to our global climate crisis Much of the focus on climate change...
Agriculture research

Agricultural and Environmental Science Careers for Non-Traditional Students

Dr. Elica Moss and Dr. Sanju Sanjaya discuss agricultural and environmental science careers for students at Alabama A&M University.
Addressing air quality with low emissions zones

Improving air quality with Low Emission Zones

Yunex Traffic discuss the benefits to air quality with the implementation of low emissions zones in the UK's city centres.
Climate change

Science for Climate Services and Action – Reflections on the COP26

Reviewing the impact of COP26 on climate services and what this means going forward for the pivotal role of science and science-based decisions.
The imminent possibility of electric vehicles (EV)

All electric vehicles by 2030

Wilke Reints looks at how electric vehicles can be implemented before 2030 – especially when it comes to infrastructural necessities.
Peatlands and the water cycle

Peatlands regulate the water cycle in our landscapes

Bernd Lennartz, Haojie Liu and Franziska Tanneberger further discuss peatlands and the water cycle within outr landscapes.


EMME-CARE Project: INAR partners to establish an atmosphere and climate Center of Excellence in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East (EMME) region.

GERICS helps decision-makers navigate the IPCC reports

GERICS explains the basics of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) process in detail with their information leaflets.

Agricultural short-term usage leads to peatland degradation with millennia-lasting consequences!

Bernd Lennartz, Haojie Liu and Franziska Tanneberger from the University of Rostock and the Greifswald Mire Centre report on the long-lasting effects of peatland drainage.
Sonar for underwater surveying

Underwater sonar technology for exploration and surveying

Global Aqua Survey Co., Ltd. discuss their use of sonar technology for expert underwater surveying in the waters of Taiwan Global Aqua Survey Co., Ltd....
Thai Hommali Rice

Can Thai Hommali Rice survive climate change?

A new strain of climate-ready Thai Hommali Rice (THM) is hoping to save the world winning rice from extinction due to extreme changes in climate.
SmartMushroom Project

Smart Management of spent mushroom substrate to lead the MUSHROOM sector towards a circular...

The project aims to obtain a pelletized organic fertilizer from Spent Mushroom Substrate by implementing circular economy process.

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