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former cancer patients, COVID-19

Former cancer patients not more likely to die from COVID

A study finds that former cancer patients are not more likely to die from COVID than non-cancer patients, if they aren't having active treatment.
individualised multimodal immunotherapy, brain cancer

Individualised Multimodal Immunotherapy beyond personalised medicine for brain cancer

Stefaan Van Gool, MD, PhD brings to light the important role of Individualised Multimodal Immunotherapy in improving the survival of brain cancer.

“Inadequate” UK cancer services risk late diagnosis for patients

According to a report, more than 340,000 cancer patients could face late diagnosis - due to NHS staff shortages.
lethal brain tumour, glioblastoma

Cytomegalovirus & glioblastoma: Solving the riddle

Sean Lawler, Associate Professor at Brown University, explains solving the riddle when it comes to the cytomegalovirus virus and the lethal brain tumour, glioblastoma.
genomic instability, 3d imaging

Visualising genomic instability in cancer

Sabine Mai and Aline Rangel-Pozzo from CancerCare Manitoba Research Institute, The University of Manitoba, explore how 3D imaging and quantitative analysis provide key insights into genomic instability.
asbestos exposure

Cholangiocarcinoma research and asbestos exposure

Professor Giovanni Brandi and Dr Simona Tavolari, explore the link between asbestos exposure and cholangiocarcinoma malignancies
canine cancer vaccine, cancer vaccine

Therapeutic feline and canine cancer vaccine

Here we learn from Biljana Stangeland, PhD, Executive Director, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder at Alv B AS, about exciting new developments in therapeutic feline and canine cancer vaccine.
cancer therapeutics, cellular phenotypes

A new wave of molecular cancer therapeutics

Hernando Lopez-Bertoni, explores the new wave of molecular cancer therapeutics and states the case for learning the mechanisms as a pro, so one can target them as an artist.
medical cannabis cancer

Medical cannabis & the future of cancer treatments   

Dr Stephen Barnhill MD, CEO of Apollon Formularies Plc, examines medical cannabis and the future of cancer treatments across the UK and the European healthcare sectors.

Drug with the ability to reprogramme aggressive brain tumours 

Study shows L-methylfolate, when administered alongside standard therapy for glioblastomas, changed the DNA process within a patients tumour
prostate cancer ultrasound, MRI scan

Ultrasounds to detect prostate cancer are highly successful 

An ultrasound can diagnose most prostate cancer cases in men with great accuracy – only missing 3.4% of severe cases.
AI tools for mammography

Optimising AI tools for mammography clinical practice

Lester Litchfield, Data & Science Manager, Volpara Health, explores how to build confidence in the use of AI for mammography clinical practice Artificial Intelligence (AI)...
disparities in cancer care

Examining intersectionality to find disparities in cancer care

Analysis of 28 studies has found that the intersection of sexual minority status with ethnicity is associated with lower cancer screenings.
lower cancer risk, meat

Lower cancer risk in diets with lower meat intake

Researchers analysing dietary habits find that those who consume meat five times or less weekly have a lower cancer risk.
aggressive bladder cancer

New potential therapy for aggressive bladder cancer

Led by Yale Cancer Center, new research shows that enfortumab vedotin is an effective alternative for patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer (MIBC)
cell heterogeneity

Single cell cancer research

Chair of Medical Cell BioPhysics Leon WMM Terstappen highlights why the interrogation of the cancer cells at the single cell level is required to truly understand cancer development.
non-melanoma cancer, skin cancer

Non-melanoma skin cancer

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, describes the main focus of non-melanoma skin cancer, including its steadily rising incidence in the UK.
pancreatic cancer treatment, HIFU treatment

Scientists discover new treatment to fight pancreatic cancer

The potential pancreatic cancer treatment combines an ultrasound and immunotherapy method, with substantial "anti-cancer" benefits in lab mice.
metastatic breast cancer

Prospects for minimally invasive and optimally effective cancer immunotherapy

Here, Professor of Biochemistry, Microbiology & Immunology at the University of Saskatchewan, Peter Betscher, explains how he is dedicated towards realising Robert North’s vision.
metastatic breast cancer, immunotherapy

Scientists use tumour-fighting cells to treat breast cancer

An ongoing clinical trial led by the NCI Centre for Cancer Research reveals an experimental form of immunotherapy for metastatic breast cancer.

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