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transport for the nhs - ambulances lined up outside hospital

Transforming transport for the NHS: Connected Kerb leads the charge

Transforming transport for the NHS is a prime opportunity for the Government to lead the public sector charge towards a more sustainable future.
Woman reading product information on label

Why a standardised approach is key to stop greenwashing in labelling

The European Commission found that more than half of environmental claims made in product advertising are misleading, unverified, or unclear - how can we stop greenwashing?
Business people working in the office, team sustainability conference

Eric van Gemeren discusses Honeywell Process Solutions

Eric van Gemeren, Chief Technology Officer for Honeywell Process Solutions, discusses Honeywell’s sustainable solutions and the environment.
Business people working in the office, team sustainability conference

Implementing the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Professor Marco Mongiello, Pro Vice-Chancellor at The University of Law Business School, sheds light on EU rules concerning Corporate Sustainability Reporting.
Mud texture or wet brown soil as natural organic clay and geological sediment mixture as in roughing it in a dirty muddy country road bog after the rain or rainy season found in a damp moist climate.

Can clay be used for carbon capture?

Sandia chemical engineer Tuan Ho has led a team investigating the possibility of using clay for carbon capture.
Person throws kitchen food waste into compost heap to make organic fertilizer. Composting - eco-friendly recycling technology

UK citizens’ interests towards sustainable practices on the rise

The COVID-19 pandemic has given the world a wake-up call about the environment and sustainability, and the UK is no exception.
Watford, UK - September 24, 2017: Evening traffic jam on British motorway M1.M25/M1 junction.

The average British carbon footprint is five times over Paris Agreement recommendations

British residents on average emit around 11.7 tonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions, which is five times over the level recommended by the Paris agreement.
Electric cars charging station

Meeting Net Zero: a whole-town approach

Carl Clarke, head of EV business development at the infrastructure specialist, Enerveo, discusses the EV infrastructure required to accelerate change and why these agreed targets need to adopt a whole-town approach to meeting net-zero.

Making carbon capture affordable and accessible (VIDEO)

Scientists from the Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory reveal their success in making carbon capture more affordable and widespread.
Teacher discussing with school kids about green energy in classroom

How can we effectively deliver sustainability in schools?

Students' concerns surrounding the climate emergency are growing, and delivering sustainability in schools has become critical.

How did past societies handle the impacts of climate change?

Impacts of climate change on past human societies over the past 5000 years offer lessons for current global warming preparation.
Near Esbjerg, Denmark, is a powerplant based on burning litter

Unlocking the future of circular bioeconomy in Europe

Open Access Government provides an update on Europe’s circular bioeconomy, which brings together various actors from bio-based industries, ranging from farmers to scientists, to solve technological, regulatory and market challenges.

2040: Are we on track to reach NHS net-zero?

Cameron Hawkins, Head of Energy and Environment, NHS Property Services, says we are another year closer to 2040 but are we on track to reach NHS net-zero?

How the demolition industry can address climate change targets

Ben Griffiths, SHE and Operations Director, Rye Demolition, looks at how the demolition industry can address climate change targets.
net zero commitment

Investment into new gwent medical facilities supports the NHS net zero commitment

The Aneurin Bevan Health Board has invested in a solar-integrated roof for their newly opened HSDU facility in South Wales, which supports the NHS net zero commitment.
How to reduce operational costs while accelerating decarbonisation of fleets with Sheel Fleet Solutions - two people sat at desk on laptop working at Shell Fleet Solutions discussing strategy

How to reduce operational costs while accelerating decarbonisation of fleets

The public sector must tread a careful line between saving money and increasing the decarbonisation of fleets, here’s how Shell Fleet Solutions think we can do it.
drought caused by climate change

Adaptation to climate change: Local & regional government perspective

Vasileios Latinos, Coordinator – Urban Resilience and Climate Adaptation, ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, European Secretariat, examines the local and regional government perspective of the adaption to climate change.
medicine supply at a pharmacy

A shot in the arm for supply chain emissions of CO2 (e)

Henry Waite, Managing Director of Blue Marble looks at strategies to reduce supply chain emissions.
A water treatment plant with two treatment ponds viewed from the air

Sustainable development needs eco-engineering to help solve the water-food-energy nexus

Dr Rod Coogan, Agri-Food Expert at PA Consulting argues that sustainable development needs eco-engineering to help solve the water-food-energy nexus.
ai to reduce carbon emissions

£1.5 million towards promoting AI for reducing carbon emissions

The UK Government has launched a new programme to support the use of AI for reducing carbon emissions.

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