EU Headline Stakeholders

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

The Calorimeter Center – Advanced Materials and Batteries

The Calorimeter Center uses calorimeters to advance thermal management and safety of batteries, handling thermodynamic, thermal and safety data.

Open Access Government Stakeholders

Neuro-Oncology at Harvard Medical School

Neuro-Oncology at Harvard Medical School

The DF/HCC Neuro-Oncology Program seeks to improve the standard of care for primary cancers of the central nervous system.
women’s and babies health

University College London, EGA – Institute for Women’s Health

The University College London (UCL) Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (EGA) Institute for Women’s Health brings together clinicians and researchers from a diverse range of disciplines to make a real and sustainable difference to women’s and babies health.
University of St Gallen

Venture capital backed innovation

Prof. Dr. Christian Keuschnigg discusses his observations regarding venture capital during his work at the Institute of Economics (FGN-HSG)
digital solution providers

Zoocha – Intelligently tailored digital solution providers

Zoocha is made up of digital experts solving complex problems and delivering innovative solutions that transform digital experiences.
EMBRC-ERIC (European Marine Biological Resource Centre)

EMBRC-ERIC (European Marine Biological Resource Centre)

The European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC) is a European 'research infrastructure' that provides researchers and companies with access to marine organisms and their ecosystems and the facilities to study them, including experimental facilities and technological platforms We enable researchers to better understand our impact on the oceans and ensure the sustainable...
IRAC - Infrared Array Camera on the Spitzer Space Telescope

IRAC – Infrared Array Camera on the Spitzer Space Telescope

The Spitzer Space Telescope (formerly known as the Space Infrared Telescope Facility, or SIRTF) uses infrared technology to explore the universe.

Dynamics of Inequality Across the Life-course: structures and processes

Existing and rising inequalities pose fundamental challenges to European societies and economies, including wealth and COVID-19.

Engeneum Limited – Digital Transformation isn’t new!

Over 30 years providing innovation in digital transformation, it’s had many names but always the same goal to improve and streamline business operations.

Pfalzklinikum – service provider for mental health and resilience

Pfalzklinikum discuss their involvement in providing community based services for mental health, including general psychiatry and neurology services
ReStart – Interoperable Digital Care

ReStart – Interoperable Digital Care

ReStart is the UK’s leading provider of interoperablity solutions for the NHS, giving healthcare professionals access to the right information.
School of Physics and Astronomy

Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Minnesota

Research in astronomy and astrophysics extends from understanding the births, lives, and deaths of stars to the study of massive clusters of galaxies.
Division of Physical Sciences and Engineering

Atmospheric and Climate Modeling Research Group

Prof. Stenchikov discusses his Atmospheric and Climate Modeling Research Group and their research into better understanding of current climate changes.
Strata Health

Strata Health Resource Matching & Intelligent e Referral

Strata Health Resource Matching & Intelligent e Referral delivers care-coordination across the NHS (primary, secondary, tertiary), Local Authorities, and the 3rd sector.
Department of Paleobiology

The Department of Paleobiology of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History

The Department of Paleobiology strives to foster scientific and public understanding of the past biological world and its environment.
Department of Chemistry - Kitasato University

The Kamitani research group – Improving industrial reactions using iron

The Kamitani research group is focusing on the development of new technology using iron catalysis for improving the industrial reactions that currently require precious metals.

UC Davis Department of Molecular Biosciences

The Department of Molecular Biosciences serves as the academic home for all nutritional, physiological chemistry, and pharmacologic and toxicologic programs of the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis. The goal of the Department of Molecular Biosciences is to study fundamental biological processes and their perturbations by mutations, nutrition, drugs...
Food Allergy Research and Resource Program – founded by Dr. Richard E. Goodman

Dr. Richard E. Goodman created the allergen database, including a celiac database, for checking for similarities to allergens or celiac eliciting peptides.
Department of Civil Engineering

A Different View of Cardiovascular Hæmodynamics

Dr Nigel Shrive and Dr John Tyberg discuss their work on cardiovascular hæmodynamics and their experiences in the field of cardiac sciences.
Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering

Next Generation Sequencing Within Biological Tissues – Richie Kohman at the Wyss Institute

Richie Kohman, Synthetic Biology Platform Lead at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering discusses his work on Next Generation Sequencing within biological tissues Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is one of the most advanced methods in biotechnology, having experienced a million-fold cost reduction over the past two decades.  The speed,...
Solutions for Natural Resources and Environment - VTT

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland – advancing sustainable growth

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland turn large global challenges into sustainable growth for businesses and society through research and innovation.