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DTU CEN - Center For Electron Nanoscopy

DTU CEN – Center For Electron Nanoscopy

DTU Cen has been operational for ten years now and throughout that time the centre has been active in materials characterisation and fundamental research by means of electron microscopy both within the university and with research groups around the world. The work carried out at DTU Cen is varied and spans the...

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Biolife – A Life Science Digital Ecosystem

The BioLife digital ecosystem integrates the world’s major life science resources to underpin lifetime patient care, supporting global bioscience.
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

The Institute for Applied Materials – developing composite materials

A focus on metallic, non-metallic and composite materials, on aspects of surfaces and interfaces, multifunctional surface layers and microstructure.

GeoCosmo – Global Earthquake Forecasting System

"What if we could forecast earthquakes days before they arrive?"  This is the aim of GeoCosmo for humanitarian & societal benefits.
European Green Cities

European Green Cities (EGC) – striving for a sustainable Europe

European Green Cities (EGC) is a network aiming to work together for a sustainable Europe, through a number of innovations and collaborations.
NTNU Department of Biotechnology and food Science

NTNU: Department of Biotechnology and Food Science

Researchers at NTNU's Department of Biotechnology and Food Science study fundamental questions, as well as issues with practical applications.
INRA - Researching crop protection

IGEPP – Focusing on crop protection

Crop protection research at IGEPP is focussed on the reduction of pesticides, using the combination of academic and applied research.
Birmingham Law School

The Law and Language at the European Court of Justice Project

The Law and Language at the European Court of Justice (LLECJ) Project is led by Dr Karen McAuliffe and is based at the University of Birmingham’s School of Law
School of Integrative Plant Science

School of Integrative Plant Science

School of Integrative Plant Science aims to progress fundamental insights into better plants and sustainable growth in order to help serve the world
The HIMS-Biocat group - researching sustainable chemistry

The HIMS-Biocat group

Research at the HIMS-Biocat group aims to develop sustainable chemistry, with a focus on developing new biocatalytic systems for the sustainable manufacture of chemical products.
Swansea University Medical School

Swansea University Medical School

Swansea University Medical School is now ranked as the UK’s 3rd best Medical School and Wales’s number one Medical School (The Guardian University Rankings 2019)

The DZNE: researching neurodegenerative diseases

The DZNE investigates the causes of neurodegenerative diseases and develops novel strategies for prevention, treatment and care.

Department of Geography – Migration, Mortality and Medicalisation

Professor Richard Smith, of the Department of Geography at Cambridge University, investigates the long-run epidemiological consequences of urbanisation 1600 - 1945

Greenstat – advancing green projects

Greenstat aims to develop green and profitable projects, in addition to carrying out investments contributing to a rapid transition to the zero-emission society.
Rainmaker solutions

Rainmaker Solutions – independent, business and digital transformation

Rainmaker Solutions present Wemvula - a new approach to Government digital transformation focused on helping public and private sector organisations.
Low Carbon Combustion Centre

Low Carbon Combustion Centre at the University of Sheffield

The Low Carbon Combustion Centre, an initiative by the University of Sheffield, is Europe’s leading facility for novel combustion and low carbon technology.
Ashridge Executive & Organisational Development Ltd

Ashridge Executive Education at Hult International Business School

Global change is accelerating fast and disrupting organizations most thought were untouchable. Some fear these changes. We at Ashridge Executive Education see it differently.
UCLA School of Medicine

Gut Microbiome Research at the UCLA School of Medicine/GLAVA HCS

Professor Hannah Wexler discusses her work with Bacteroides fragilis, an important commensal in the gut microbiome but also the most important clinical anaerobic pathogen.
University of Salford

University of Salford

University of Salford is a vibrant university with strong industry partnerships and world class facilities. Eight pioneering, multi-disciplinary specialist research centres work across the fields of arts, health, science, engineering, environment and management.
NOLOSS Project

NOLOSS Project – Optical design for manufacture at different length scales

The NOLOSS Project deals with modern optical technology and is focused on tackling the challenges in order to enhance manufacture.
Institute of Pathology

Health care, teaching and research at the Institute of Pathology

Pathology as a branch of medicine is considered the "doctrine of diseases". The Institute of Pathology has three main aims, and fulfils important tasks, within health care, teaching and research.

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