EU Headline Stakeholders

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

The Calorimeter Center – Advanced Materials and Batteries

The Calorimeter Center uses calorimeters to advance thermal management and safety of batteries, handling thermodynamic, thermal and safety data.

Open Access Government Stakeholders

Sapia&Co Pty Ltd’s mission: Offering ethical AI to streamline recruitment processes is the first solution of its kind to disrupt biases that affect traditional recruitment processes, reducing the time and cost to hire by 90%.
Department of Psychiatry

Exploring preventive interventions for youth mental health issues

Mary Cannon has an international reputation in the field of psychiatry, particularly developmental psychiatric epidemiology and youth mental health.

CorTec, neurotechnology and the Brain Interchange System

CorTec's mission is "communicating with the brain - for the cure of disease". By using their Brain Interchange System, they hope to develop stroke rehabilitation.
Department of Physiology

Senescence: Examining genetic responses, exercise benefits and age-related decline

Robert Wessells’ lab at Wayne State University has been focusing on the field of functional senescence, particularly age-related decline in mobility and exercise capacity The capacity of the elderly population to retain mobility is a substantial quality of life issue and an important way of avoiding health complications from inactivity...
Alberta School of Business

How social institutions and institutionalized practices impact entrepreneurial activity

Jennifer Jennings is one of Canada’s leading researchers at the intersection of gender, entrepreneurship, and the family embeddedness of entrepreneurial activity.

Exploring the origin of genetic coding with the scientific method

Professor Charlie Carter in the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill looks to the scientific method to understand the origin of genetic coding – and more.

Fleet management solutions with a deep-seated commitment to sustainability

Webfleet is the trusted global fleet management solution of Bridgestone, relied on by over 60,000 businesses worldwide.
Department of Biology University of Western Ontario

The stable isotope approach: Advancing government wildlife management

Here the Department of Biology from the University of Western Ontario explore how "the stable isotope approach" and annual monitoring can help in advancing government wildlife management schemes.
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

The importance of irrigation systems in enhancing winegrape vineyards resilience

In semi-arid regions of the world where summer rainfall for crop production is limited, irrigation systems have become essential for sustainable crop production.
Data Institute for Societal Challenges (DISC)

Data Institute for Societal Challenges (DISC) advancing data-enabled research

The Data Institute for Societal Challenges (DISC) is setting a new benchmark for cutting-edge advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-world applications driven by advancements in data-enabled research.

Aventius Limited: Developing, training and consulting for a digital future

Aventius Limited provides support, development, training and consultation services around the Microsoft Azure data platform.
Original Biomedical Implants (OBI)

Original Biomedical Implants (OBI)

OBI-USA/México are developing new generation superior implantable medical devices/prostheses coated with a revolutionary coating.
Mariken van der Velden - Political Communication

Mariken van der Velden – Political Communication

Mariken van der Velden discusses her work as an Associate Professor of Political Communication in the Department of Communication Science.
Department of Medicine - University of Virginia School of Medicine

Expanding diabetes mellitus research and telemedicine treatments

Dr. Richard Santen is developing a telemedicine treatment and retirement care programme for patients with diabetes mellitus.
Crown Computing Limited (Crown Workforce Management)

Crown Workforce Management – A smarter approach to managing your workforce

Crown Workforce Management understand people management and we understand the challenges that businesses face when managing their workforce.
Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion

Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion

Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion exists to initiate, support, and conduct research on religion.
Jacques Loeb Centre for the History & Philosophy of the Life Sciences

The Jacques Loeb Centre for History and Philosophy of, and Critical Dialogues in, the...

Research into the history and philosophy of modern experimental life sciences and the societal implications.
Department of Molecular Medicine

Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute

The Department of Molecular Medicine provides an interdisciplinary program of study in the areas of cancer and aging and their prevention.
Secarna Pharmaceuticals GmbH & Co. KG

Secarna Pharmaceuticals GmbH & Co. KG

Meet Secarna Pharmaceuticals GmbH & Co. KG: The leading independent European antisense drug discovery company
UK Power Network Services Limited

We are UK Power Networks Services

We solve your energy challenges through innovative solutions, delivering resilience, cost efficiency and sustainability.