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Within the Open Access Government Finance News section, you can find a wide variety of information on the changes in the financial sector.

We often explore the development of digital banking and the future of Fintech, along with the World Bank and World Trade Organisations (WTO) stories. You can also find expert opinions on many popular topics within this category along with insights into the financial changes in other countries.

This category also covers poverty and pensions in the UK along with any legal changes to financial law. Up to date articles are available on fiscal policy and trade wars within the sector.

graduating students in the UK

Student loan interest rates to be capped at 6.3%

From September 2022, there will be additional cuts to student loan interest to protect borrowers from rising inflation rates.
Empty office with suit jacket hung over back of chair

The Great Resignation: Staff not receiving pay rise in line with inflation

Only 8% of businesses are giving staff a pay rise in line with inflation and as a result, staff are leaving.
cost of living, expensive cities

5 most expensive cities to live in the world

Ever wondered where the most expensive cities to live in the world are? Open Access Government looks into price comparisons of basic goods and utilities in 5 of the priciest cities around the globe.
levelling up, economy

Levelling up small businesses is now more important than ever in the UK

Levelling up is stalling, as the government needs to push further initiatives to create inclusive growth for small businesses in the UK.
house prices

UK house prices are 65 times higher today than in 1970

Average UK house prices hit record high in June, making today's average house price 65 times more expensive than in 1970.
wealthiest generation, diamond jubilee generation

The Diamond Jubilee Generation: the borrowed success of the wealthiest generation

As the wealthiest generation in Britain, the Diamond Jubilee Generation's opportunities and government policies vastly differ from generations after them.
sustainability and social value

Five ways to bring sustainability and social value to your supply chain

Dave Emsley explores how the world can be greener, outlining five key ways to bring sustainability and social value to your supply chain.
cost of raising a child, children

The cost of raising a child has increased by 21% in four years

The cost of raising a child up to the age of 21 has increased by 37% in over a decade, at an estimated £230,000 – the price of an average semi-detached house.
poverty trap, assets

Asset transfer programmes could pull people out of the poverty trap

When rural poor people get a one-time capital boost, it helps them accumulate assets and find better occupations - pulling them from the poverty trap.
sustainable finance, financial sector

£1.2 million sustainable finance pledge against greenhouse gases

The Bank of America and the University of Oxford pledge £1.2 million to support greenhouse gas removal and sustainable finance research.
russian gas supplies, economic output

Germany risks €220 billion with full ban on Russian gas supplies

The Joint Economic Forecast finds that €220 billion of German economic output would be at risk over 2022 and 2023, if the country cuts ties with Russian gas supplies.

UK graduates to be hit with 12% student loan interest rate

According to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, graduates and students will be expected to pay up to 12% interest on their loans as of autumn 2022
financial education, future employees

Financial education could inspire a generation of future employees

Sharon Davies, CEO of Young Enterprise, says that the right financial education could inspire a generation of capable, future employees.
mortgage lenders, minority groups

Racist mortgage lenders charge 8% higher interest to ethnic minorities

Borrowers from minority groups were charged 8% higher interest rates from mortgage lenders and were rejected for loans 14% more often than those from privileged groups.
Childcare costs

Childcare costs leave 1.7 million UK women unable to work 

The Women’s Budget Group highlight a critical lack of support for childcare costs in the latest Spring Budget.
accounts payable audit, annual audit

Rockford Associates: Your Go-To Annual Accounts Payable Audit Provider

Learn why Rockford Associates could help support your Profit and Loss.
global tax abuse, tax evasion

Money lost to global tax abuse could prevent 600,000 child deaths

Millions of lives around the world could be improved by tackling global tax abuse – including greater access to basic sanitation and more children in schools.
supplier diversity, supply chain

Looking to the future: Can we make supplier diversity a priority post-pandemic?

Mayank Shah, MSDUK, explores how supplier diversity could become a priority in the distant realm of the post-pandemic.
uk inflation 7%, lower income households

It’s expensive to be poor: UK inflation to reach 7% in 2022

Inflation, tax, energy, gas, food, and travel costs are all expected to rise in 2022 – hitting lower income households the hardest across, with UK inflation at 7%.
higher rent, higher minimum wage

Higher minimum wage can lead to increased rent prices

While higher minimum wage has been connected to improved quality of life, US data finds that fewer people tend to default on their rent payments - making landlords raise rent prices.

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