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Open Access Government brings you the latest workplace news covering a range of topics such as HR, skills, training and mental health.

We cover stories on research to improve workplace staff productivity and employee stress levels to help combat the fear of ’employee burning out’. With expert opinions from companies around the country, you can find articles on workplace benefits and the positives to flexible working hours.

Also available are articles concerning compliance to HR and the problems surrounding gender discrimination and inequality.

Blue pins on four days in a week on a calendar. Friday, Saturday and Sunday crossed out. Four day work week concept.

Why a 4-day week works for some companies but not others

The feasibility of a 4-day week varies widely depending on the industry sector and individual businesses, so what are the specific factors that contribute to success or failure?
Business people is talking about new project in the meeting room. Team is standing around a table and listening their manager carefully.

‘Heteronormativity’ can affect transgender and non-binary people at work

Some of the challenges that transgender and non-binary staff can face are due to the workplace culture of ‘heteronormativity’, which can impact inclusivity.
Creative group of business people brainstorming putting sticky notes on glass wall in office

63% of HR leaders say mental health and well-being is their biggest priority

63% of HR leaders highlight mental health and well-being as their biggest priority amid the cost of living crisis.
deaf employee with cochlear implant

How can we generate a better work environment for deaf employees?

Hearing loss can seriously impact one’s experience of work, so how can workplaces become more inclusive of deaf employees?
Close up image of a person’s hand using a ballpoint pen to put a check or tick mark in a row of boxes on a paper form sheet.

International Women’s Day: We need more than corporate virtue-signalling

Corporate virtue-signalling on International Women's Day is patronising; what can companies actually do to promote gender equality in the workplace? 
A wide-angle view of a group of a woman getting together for a business meeting in their place of work in Hexham. The woman in the green blouse is leading the meeting and is encouraging the others to take part.

Why we urgently need all public sector leaders to be digital leaders

The importance of strong digital leadership in local government is not a new concept but has recently become imperative. Why?
four day work week calendar concept

Trial finds four-day work week boosts employee wellbeing and productivity

After testing a four-day work week across 61 companies in the UK, researchers found the trial was successful both economically and productivity-wise.
High angle shot of an unrecognizable businessman sitting alone in the office and feeling stressed while working a late night, an illustration of occupational stress

Managing occupational stress and staying motivated

Occupational stress can affect anyone at any time, so it is important to understand how to manage it for the sake of yourself and your wider company.
Rear view of young IT specialist connecting laptop with computer while typing data on keyboard sitting at his workplace, three screens showing the same thing, a virtual desktop, VDI

The power of VDI in 2023’s evolving business landscape 

Businesses need to ensure they can provide a better experience for employees without compromising the security of their digital assets - can Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) be the key?
Startup Business People Teamwork Cooperation Hands Together

How to leverage social value to win public sector contracts

How can businesses leverage social value to attract and retain customers and win public sector contracts in 2023.
Instant messaging app

Can companies regulate employees’ messaging apps for safety?

The use of messaging apps has become a part of daily life in many workplaces – but sharing sensitive data poses a major compliance risk for organisations.
computer keyboard, it professionals

Investing in people, with a focus on public-sector IT professionals

Why investing in people, and especially public-sector IT professionals, will benefit your workforce and wider society, as explained by Sascha Giese.
Sick woman in bed,calling in sick,day off from work.Thermometer to check temperature for fever.Vitamins and hot tea in front.Flu.Woman Caught Cold.Virus.Sick woman laying in bed under wool blanket

National Sickie Day: How to improve self-care

The ONS estimates that there were 17 million working days lost to stress, depression or anxiety in the UK between 2021 to 2022; how can we avoid this?
Man holding an empty wallet over computer because he lost his money to a fraudster

How to avoid scams and fraud: Best practices for your business

With the correct practices in mind, businesses can catch fraudsters early and avoid scams and fraud for good.
Crowd of workers going to work in a business district.

Collaborate to innovate: Empowering the public sector with a modern workforce

Organisations need to embrace the right IT solutions to meet the whole spectrum of evolving modern workforce needs in the public sector.
Robots welding in a production line

Robots as enablers: Improving the working culture in the public sector through automation

Nathan Cairns, Head of Intelligent Automation Practice at Kainos, discusses how automation could impact the public sector.
change management, public sector

Finding success in back-office transformation

Change is inevitable - but the nature of change itself is evolving as organisations work to manage the impact of multiple accelerating and unforeseen events.
The scanning of the fingerprint. High technologies of information protection and biometric identification and verification

Digital forensics in policing: Making modern practices a priority

Jon Cook, International Training Instructor, Exterro, discusses how and why digital forensics must become a part of modern policing.
Graduates throwing hats into air against sunset, graduates apprentices and interns

Future talent: why graduates, apprentices and interns are so important to the public sector

Andy Lethbridge, Head of Consulting, central government, at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, discusses why graduates, apprentices and interns are critical for the public sector.
VARscreens Supporting nurses in daily practice to avoid employee burnout

VAR Healthcare: Supporting nurses in daily practice to avoid employee burnout

VAR Healthcare is a digital tool for decision support widely used in the Norwegian and Danish health sectors to help avoid employee burnout and its outlook is promising.

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