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Asian Market Animal

PANDASIA: Reducing the risk of zoonoses spread in Europe and Asia

Zoonoses – zoonotic pathogens spread between animals and humans – have been a concern of the international community since COVID-19.
Factory farming chickens, hundreds in small space, food industry

We need to rethink food security

Lindsay Duncan, Farming Campaigns Manager, World Animal Protection, explains why we need to rethink food security.
model plant Arabidopsis thaliana used for documenting plant organ development

Documenting plant organ development with open source software

INRAE researchers have devised a new way to document leaf and plant organ development using open source software.
UK’s Overseas Territories at ongoing risk from wide range of invasive species

Which invasive species could threaten the UK’s Overseas Territories?

Researchers predict which invasive species could pose a future threat to the UK’s Overseas Territories in order to conserve these rare environments.
farmer-led research

Agricultural innovation: Farmer-led research to receive starter funding

To increase farmer-led research in the  agricultural sector towards net zero, farmers, growers or foresters who have ideas for solving major business problems can apply for funding.
Raw brown basmati rice

What makes brown rice so beneficial to our health?

Why is brown rice generally more nutritious than white rice? Researchers find that the cell-protecting compound in brown rice is what makes it so beneficial.
Drought disaster in Thailand countryside

Effect of heat and drought on food security and agricultural production

Maize is affected by abiotic stresses, including extreme heat and drought, which is exacerbated by climate change.
steamed cooked basmati rice

Genetically modified rice to tackle climate-induced food shortages

Genetically modified rice could be used to lessen food shortages caused by climate change, as salt tolerance allows it to grow in warmer conditions.
farming in the UK

Farmers to receive government payments for sustainable farming

The UK government is handing out payments to those who utilise sustainable farming and deliver greener food production while enhancing nature.
animal welfare, image of two pigs

The reality of the U.S approach to animal welfare

David Green, Executive Director at the U.S. Sustainability Alliance, explores the reality of U.S approaches to animal welfare.
conserving water

Conserving water is essential to feeding the world

Here, we are told by David Green, Executive Director at the U.S. Sustainability Alliance, that conserving water is essential to feeding the world.
Geese peck dead bird Gressingham facility Norfolk

The next pandemic? UK facing worst bird flu outbreak on record

Christmas is coming, the geese are getting sick, and the world may be three mutations away from the next pandemic: the avian bird flu.
Paravet treats donkey in Senegal, image depicts woman's gloved hands injecting donkey

G20 Summit: World Bank must invest in animal health with new fund

Organisations call on World Bank to end ‘chronic underinvestment’ in animal health using new fund launched at this year's G20 Summit.
Beautiful sunset in the area of Nalgonda, India in Andhra Pradesh - reflecting in rice patties below.

How do India’s protectionist rice export restrictions affect those in need?

Peter Bachmann, Vice President Policy & Government Affairs, at USA Rice, states that India’s protectionist rice export restrictions hurt the neediest the most.
Aerial view of lush, green perennial rice field, taken from drone

What is perennial rice and why is it making history?

It may have taken more than 9,000 years of cultivation, but annual paddy rice is now available as a long-lived perennial rice.
chickens in a factory farm

How is human health impacted by the welfare of animals

The welfare of animals is not only important to animals but is also intrinsically linked to human health and the environment.
Agriculture Water

Integrating ecosystems in the Water-Food-Energy Nexus for greater sustainability

Sasha Koo-Oshima & Virginie Gillet from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations/ UN-Water, reveal their thoughts on integrating ecosystems in the Water-Food-Energy Nexus for greater sustainability.
Woman with young child in crowd

What would happen if there was a nuclear war?

A full-scale nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia would see global good systems obliterated and over 5 billion people die of hunger.
Macro pic of peanut texture

A uniting point for U.S. peanut sustainability

Eric Coronel, Director of Sustainability at The American Peanut Council, highlights a uniting point for U.S. peanut sustainability.
agriculture production with man planting veggies in the soil

Soil health for sustainable agriculture

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, charts the rising importance of soil health for sustainable agriculture.

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