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fragrance rice

A decade after the most important gene of fragrance rice uncovered

Professor Dr Apichart Vanavichit, Director of the Rice Science Center, reflects on the decade since the most important gene of fragrance rice was uncovered.

The city FEEDS the city and FERTILIZES the countryside: sustainable food production

The circular and sustainable food production system of the future is already here: Farming as a Service has been launched in Sweden.
soil health, carbon

The link between soil health and the survival of global agriculture

Here, we speak to Assistant Professor Christine Sprunger, who gives us expert insight on the universal need for soil health.
technology within agriculture, farming sector

How can we unlock smart technology within agriculture?

Looking towards technology within agriculture, smart technologies could soon be harnessed in the farming sector to benefit both businesses and societies.
land restoration

Land restoration of abandoned farms can mitigate climate change

With millions of people leaving behind rural areas, land restoration of abandoned farms could help to reverse climate change.
America’s food supply

The consequences of farm policy and regulations on America’s food supply

Peter Bachman from USA Rice sheds light on the consequences of farm policy and regulations on America’s food supply.
resilience and efficiency

Selecting for resilience and efficiency: The solution for European cattle farming

Nicolas Friggens at the French Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE) discusses cattle farming resilience and efficiency with genomics in breeding programmes
biological control agents, soil & pest management

How to improve biological control agents for soil and pest management

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, explains the need for an integrated approach to improve adoption of biological control agents for soil and pest management.
buzz pollination, bumble bees

Research team granted $840,000 to replicate ‘buzz pollination’

With farmers using electric toothbrushes to pollinate tomatoes, scientists are using micro-robotic tech to figure out how 'buzz pollination' can be replicated.
food safety, raw chicken

Food safety: Over 25% of people cook with raw chicken

Over a quarter of study participants contaminate salad with raw chicken – not washing surfaces efficiently or cooking chicken properly can pose great threats to food safety.
sustainable apple production, pesticide

Less pesticide, more profit: Testing new options to sustain apple production

Mark Gleason, Professor, Iowa State University Department of Plant Pathology, Entomology, and Microbiology in the U.S., describes the pesticide problem and in this vein, why testing new options is needed to sustain apple production.
atlantic aquaculture

ASTRAL (2020-2024): A collaborative ecosystem for Atlantic aquaculture

Here, we discover that All Atlantic Ocean Sustainable, ProfiTable and Resilient AquacuLture (ASTRAL) involves a collaborative ecosystem for Atlantic aquaculture
Global food security

Global food security analysis – part 1

Curtis R Youngs  from Iowa State University, provides an analysis of global food security, in this the first part of a four-part series
crop production systems in europe, sustainable plant

Sustainable plant & crop production systems in Europe

Professor Laura Grenville-Briggs shares her stance on working together to counter the threat of oomycete diseases, focussing on trans-sectoral approaches to support sustainable plant and crop production systems in Europe.
croplands relocation, carbon emissions

Croplands relocation could cut global carbon emissions by 71%

Croplands relocation could restore habitats and lessen carbon emissions, if major food crops were moved to minimise environmental impact.
soil organic matter

Caretaking of soil organic matter and its far-reaching effects

Lynn Brandenberger, Professor of Horticultural Food Crops and Ajay Nair Associate Professor Extension Vegetable Specialist, discuss the importance of soil care for crop production, particularly when it comes to soil organic matter
cattle production, heat stress

Cattle production faces annual loss of $40 billion, due to climate change

Cattle production is under serious economic threat due to the increasing heat stress placed on the animals – facing a financial loss of up to $40 billion yearly.
glutinous rice varieties, food security Thailand

Chasing climate-ready glutinous rice for food security in Thailand and Laos

Professor Apichart Vanavichit, Director of the Rice Science Center offers insight into how the next generation of glutinous rice varieties are critical to food security in Thailand and Laos.
sustainable food production

Innovative technology for sustainable food production

Bengt Fellbe, Leader at SSEC, argues that sustainable and climate-smart food production requires competent and cutting-edge technology
agricultural innovation

Agricultural innovation & its challenges

David Green, Executive Director of the U.S. Sustainability Alliance, highlights agricultural innovation and its challenges, including how the USDA’s NIFA is supporting this policy area.

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