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Shell Fleet Solutions: Four steps to decarbonize fleets

Here, we learn about Shell Fleet Solutions, one of the global leaders in business mobility, including why public sector fleets need to decarbonise Shell Fleet Solutions is one of the global leaders in business mobility. Whether you are a small business owner or a large global enterprise, we provide a...
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Will the Willow Project be approved and what consequences might we see?

U.S. President Joe Biden and his administration have advanced on a decision that could allegedly damage our climate beyond repair, but what is the Willow Project and how will it change the world around us?
geospatial data

Climate risk: Fund managers and the geospatial industry need geospatial data

Why has Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) changed, and how is geospatial data being under-utilised for fund managers and real estate portfolio holders?

We can’t protect our climate without ocean action

Steve Trent, CEO and Co-Founder of the Environmental Justice Foundation, argues that we can’t protect our climate without ocean action.
Safeguarding against climate change impacts

Safeguarding against climate change impacts

Urban areas are prone to climate change impacts. Simultaneously, the world’s population increasingly resides in cities. What needs to be done to protect them?
impact business, Global warming concept: smoke coming out of chimney

Climate change: The true possibilities of impact business

Matt Meyer, Chief Executive, Taylor Vinters, uncovers the true possibilities of impact business in light of climate change solutions.
Climate Leadership and the COP Process

Climate Leadership and the COP Process

For many countries in the South, climate leadership has become increasingly necessary by the day, as the effects of the climate crisis are happening too fast for the globally proposed 45% average reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030.
Forests felling in Scotland to produce biomass fuel

UK spends £2 billion destroying the forests for bioenergy – despite COP27 pledges

Despite its pledges to protect the forests at COP27, the UK has increased biomass subsidies for bioenergy by £2 billion annually, which involves mass deforestation.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

COP27 finance: Could $1 trillion a year prevent ‘climate hell’?

UN chief warns we are on a path to 'climate hell' – but COP27 finance goals calculate $1 trillion of annual investment could curb this.
Methane Bubbles frozen in Abraham Lake in Clearwater County, near Nordegg, Alberta, Canada. Elliot Peak lit by the sunset in the background. Canadian Winter scene

Time is running out to meet Global Methane Pledge commitments

Despite efforts made to cut methane emissions in 2022, not enough has been done to meet Global Methane Pledge commitments, says Kayrros.
Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak leaves Downing Street in central London after attending the weekly Cabinet meeting in London, England

Why is Rishi Sunak not attending the COP27 climate summit?

Despite the new Prime Minister promising to prioritise the environment, Downing Street has announced Rishi Sunak will not be attending COP27 COP27 is to take place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, from 6 to 18 November – designed to help governments agree on steps to limit global temperature rises in the...

Fleet electrification and EV charging infrastructure

Anne Buckingham, Sales Director for SWARCO Smart Charging argues that partnerships will be key to EV charging success and hitting net zero targets.
Flooding in Pakistan

Pakistan climate change: One third of the country is underwater

With the death toll rising to over 1200 people, Pakistan suffers the burden of climate change with extreme floods.
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Going digital: how can organisations reduce carbon emissions?

Technology is the much-needed fuel for organisations that want to cut their carbon emissions on the journey towards net zero.
Watch bread delivery in old Cairo, Egypt

COP27: Equitable green transport in Africa and the Global South

COP27 will see an action agenda on green transport, highlighting the importance of moving transportation away from traditional fossil fuels and toward electrification.
Healthcare and innovative technology: apps for medical exams and online consultation concept

Only immediate action will get us to net zero healthcare by 2050

In a significant step forward for net zero healthcare, countries responsible for over a third of global healthcare emissions have pledged to develop climate-resilient and low-carbon health systems.
press conference

Who is the COP27 Youth Envoy and what do they do?

Dr Omnia El Omrani has been selected as the COP27 Youth Envoy, where she is to engage with the wider community to contribute to promoting the inclusion of global young voices.
Woman spraying pesticides in a field

The EU must enforce a pesticide tax

Experts warn that the EU agriculture sector is stuck in "permanent pesticide-dependence," and that major flaws exist in the current attempts to reduce the use of pesticides across the EU.
sustainable city design

COP27: Urban transformation and sustainable cities

Experts from the urban and the climate communities discussed action plans to reach more sustainable cities in an initiative workshop for COP27.
fumes escaping from industrial chimneys

Carbon pricing: incentivising outcomes for net zero

Carbon pricing enables a monetary cost to be allocated to each tonne of CO₂, and equivalent greenhouse gases, emitted into the atmosphere.

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