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Open Access Government has a massive variety of Scientific Research and Innovation information that is available in this category.

This section explores the latest breakthroughs in all aspects of science: including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Sociology. There is extensive research on psychological and social patterns that occur in everyday life.

Information is available on scientific policies that the government might adopt. Along with the changes and developments of global space policy. We cover the ongoing rise of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and cancer research breakthroughs along with countries and their own individual research priorities.

Within this category we explore the massive increase and growth in CBD research and production, there is a lot of interesting information available.

Iodine in desert dust may be helping the climate

The iodine in desert dust has the ability to decrease ozone air pollution - however, it also allows greenhouse gases to stick around for longer.
biologging devices, killer whale conservation

Scientists use bio-logging devices for killer whale conservation

Scientists use biologging devices to track animal behaviour in order to build conservation strategies for killer whales, and other endangered animals.
vaccination debate, ai

AI analyses online debate around vaccinations and climate change

Using artificial intelligence (AI), researchers analysed debates based on tweets - revealing that opinions on vaccinations are widely divided.
artificial moon

New ‘artificial moon’ built to aid China’s space exploration

Chinese scientists have manufactured an ‘artificial moon’ research facility enabling them replicate low gravity environments
global south mrna, intellectual property

Over 100 Global South factories could make mRNA vaccines

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) found that over 100 manufacturers in Asia, Africa and Latin America are capable of making mRNA COVID vaccines - but pharmaceutical companies won't waive intellectual property rights.
supermassive black hole

Exploring the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy

Study finds that Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy flares irregularly from day to day but also in the long term
hemp compounds, COVID-19 virus infection

How can hemp compounds block the COVID-19 virus infection?

Research demonstrates the ability to prevent COVID-19 from entering human cells through cannabinoid acids binding to a SARS-CoV-2 protein, blocking infection from the virus.
sickle cell anaemia

£2.3 million awarded to York University for sickle cell anaemia research

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation have awarded £2.3million to the University of York, in attempt to push research into sickle cell anaemia.
rechargeable lithium batteries, battery capacity

Scientists can restore lifespan of a dead lithium battery

Researchers have found a way to revitalise rechargeable lithium batteries, potentially improving the capacity of next generation batteries.
james webb telescope, james webb mirror

James Webb Telescope successfully unfolds mirror in space

NASA have successfully unfolded the 21-foot gold-coated primary mirror of the James Webb telescope, which is the largest telescope to be launched into space.
sea dragon fossil

Giant fossilised ‘Sea Dragon’ found in UK reservoir

Rutland reservoir reveals 2 tonne and 180 million year old Ichthyosaur Sea Dragon, approximately 10 metres long.
plastic types, camera technology

Scientists create “breakthrough” technology to separate plastic types

Differentiating between numerous plastic types and separating them according to their chemical composition could increase the rate of plastic recycling enormously.
identity depression

Scientists to identify depression and antidepressant efficiency via blood tests

Researchers at the University of Chicago are believed to be one step closer in the development of blood tests to identify depression.
young covid patients, oxidative

Study finds young COVID patients have increased oxidative stress

According to new data, even young COVID patients have increased oxidative stress - a factor connected to ageing, diabetes and HIV.
antibody-like proteins, COVID-19 viruses

Shark antibody-like proteins could neutralise COVID-19 viruses

Antibody-like proteins from the immune systems of sharks could help to prepare for future coronaviruses, according to new research.
Convidecia vaccine, single-dose vaccine

Convidecia vaccine 57.5% effective against symptomatic COVID

Phase Three trial shows Convidecia vaccine 57.5% effective against symptomatic COVID, while 91.7% effective against severe COVID.
Conscious cognitive operations

Scientists discover new theory for conscious cognitive operations

The concept of consciousness is related to complex cognitive operations in the brain, and adaptive and flexible behaviour in humans and animals are based on these operations.
giant millipede

Fossil reveals car sized millipedes once roamed Northern England

The beaches of Northern England have revealed the largest ever giant millipede fossil to date – the size of a car.
technology in japan

Advancing science and technology in Japan

Scientific research acts as a pioneer on the frontiers of human knowledge. Open Access Government outline Japan’s efforts to advance technology
bio-supported research

The value of BIO-supported research

Here, Open Access Government outline the thoughts of the NSF Directorate for Biological Sciences, (BIO) enabling discoveries for understanding life.

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