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Open Access Government has a massive variety of Scientific Research and Innovation information that is available in this category.

This section explores the latest breakthroughs in all aspects of science: including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Sociology. There is extensive research on psychological and social patterns that occur in everyday life.

Information is available on scientific policies that the government might adopt. Along with the changes and developments of global space policy. We cover the ongoing rise of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and cancer research breakthroughs along with countries and their own individual research priorities.

Within this category we explore the massive increase and growth in CBD research and production, there is a lot of interesting information available.

horizon europe budget, eu

Horizon Europe budget expanded by nearly €562 million

The Horizon Europe budget is now at nearly €16 billion for 2021 and 2022, with the EU pushing for innovation in climate, health and digital.
digital forensic methods

An up-to-date review of digital forensic methods

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have released their comprehensive review of current US digital forensic methods.
volcanic eruption, tonga, electric currents in space

The Tonga volcanic eruption caused electric currents in space

Electric currents in space were seen after the deadly volcanic eruption in Tonga, following the atmospheric shock waves and sonic booms witnessed on Earth.
future biotechnology solutions, eu citizens

Citizens propose future biotechnology solutions come from EU

After the Conference on the Future of Europe, 300 recommendations were made by citizens - including that future biotechnology solutions, like vaccines, are created using EU resources.
satellite galaxy, james webb space telescope

James Webb Space Telescope takes photo of satellite galaxy

The James Webb Space Telescope, now fully calibrated, has taken an image of a neighbouring satellite galaxy.
critical raw materials

Sustainability, critical raw materials and batteries

Dumitru Fornea, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, takes a look at sustainability, critical raw materials and batteries

Scientists create hydrogen-based way to recycle plastic bottles

Plastic bottles take up to 450 years to biodegrade naturally, so recycling them quickly is crucial for the environment - Northwestern University chemists may have a new strategy.
future space missions, lunar soil

Study finds moon could create fuel for future space missions

Soil on the moon could soon create oxygen and fuel for future space missions - making those exploratory trips potentially longer.
plant health, wearable sensors

Wearable sensors could monitor plant health from a phone

Researchers create wearable sensors to signal plant health from your phone, to indicate a plant’s leaf water content or when they are stressed.
what is astrophysics

What is Astrophysics?

Daniele Malafarina, Associate Professor from Nazarbayev University, School of Sciences and Humanities, unpacks astrophysics for us.
mindtooth system, neurometrics

The Mindtooth system: Measuring human mental and emotional states   

The Mindtooth system is a brand new wearable device for non-invasive real-time brain measurement in everyday life.
desalination unit, drinkable water

A portable desalination unit could be the future of freshwater

Turning seawater into freshwater, a portable desalination unit can affordably generate clean drinking water without filters or pumps.
gravitational lensing, imaging techniques, imaging

Gravitational lensing: Warping space-time to view exoplanets

Conceptual imaging techniques, like gravitational lensing, can show exoplanets in 1,000 times more detail than the strongest technology available.
research on antibiotic resistance, superbug

€2.5 million grant for research on antibiotic resistance

Research on antibiotic resistance, specifically looking at gene-swapping systems in bacteria, has been awarded €2.5 million from the European Research Council.
lungs, cystic fibrosis infection

Method to detect cystic fibrosis infection within minutes

Researchers have created a way to detect cystic fibrosis infection in minutes - beating the current wait time of days.
health equity issues, bioethics

Field of bioethics “largely silent” on health equity issues

A report calls on the field of bioethics to look at racial injustice in the US, especially the impact of neoliberalism on contemporary health equity issues.

All people with blue eyes have one common ancestor 

Scientists reveal that a genetic mutation, happening around 10,000 years ago, led to the repression of melanin for humans with blue eyes.
New ichthyosaur

New ichthyosaur fossil said to be largest animal ever found

Researchers have found the largest ever ichthyosaur tooth, with its width being twice as large as any aquatic reptile known
european innovation potential, Pan-european innovation

European innovation potential knows no bounds

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, calls attention to building a pan-European innovation potential ecosystem in health served with top-notch infrastructures.
new mammal,

Hundreds of new mammal species are hiding in plain sight

Researchers believe there are hundreds of unidentified species of new mammals that have yet to be found.

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