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HQ and workplaces aft COVID-19

After COVID-19: The HQ of the future will be smaller and more adaptable

PLACEmaking discuss the future of the workplace after COVID-19, particularly the change of location for the organisation HQ fora flexible workforce.
Working from home

After Covid-19: New ways of working in offices or at home

PLACEmaking examine how ways of working will have changed after the Covid-19 pandemic with a shift from working in offices.
Cash Recovery

Rockford Associates: Research and profit from cash recovery

Durham University commissioned Rockford Associates Limited to deliver a cash sum recovery for any unforeseen overpayments that may have escaped its systems.
Farming in Sweden

SSEC – successfully developing the food industry for over 7 years

SSEC has spent over 7 years working to improve upon national, regional and local food strategies in Sweden and is looking to continue to flourish.

The City of Varberg: Reinventing the community, building on creativity

Creativity, innovation and a strong focus on social and cultural aspects of sustainability are at the very heart of developing the City of Varberg...

The importance of the modern workplace for employment

PLACEmaking delve into the issue of why your traditional workplace is putting off the next generation of talented employees

The decline of the traditional office: Are smarter ways of working the replacement?

With the traditional office lease in demise, Alison White of PLACEmaking looks at what is emerging as a replacement in terms of smarter working, including the impact on people and how support services need to be repurposed

What will smart working look like 10 years from now?

Alison White of PLACEmaking takes a look at smart working - exciting future technology solutions and what 'going to work' will look like 10 years from now

The role of the middle class in deprived urban neighbourhoods

Anouk Tersteeg and Gideon Bolt of Utrecht University discuss the role of the middle class in the policy on deprived urban neighbourhoods Like in many...
Global Guardians

Maximising the potential of your vacant property

Global Guardians discuss issues with vacant property during redesign, rebuild and refurbishment stages, or while being sold for redevelopment
Swindon and Wiltshire LEP logo

Towards a Local Industrial Strategy

Swindon and Wiltshire LEP discuss the Industrial Strategy, supporting growth and how a national and global approach is important even for local strategy The Government...
Agile Business Consortium

Putting business agility at the heart of government

Agile Business Consortium discuss promoting business agility within central government The government’s commitment to improve its delivery of public services by introducing an Agile business...
Association of European Public Postal Operators AISB-SAFEPOST Project

SAFEPOST Project Postal Security Forum

SAFEPOST, being an EU scale project, answered key European policy challenges by allowing better integration of European R&D, and facilitating transfer of skills and...
Association of European Public Postal Operators AISB-SAFEPOST Project

SAFEPOST Project Pilots

Dr Antonino Scribellito, European Affairs –Senior Project Manager at PostEurop highlights how SAFEPOST has enhanced security in postal systems across Europe… SAFEPOST enhanced the security...

Community Development and Planning

Varberg will be an attractive place to live, visit and work in The municipality's goal is to plan for a development that is ecologically, socially...

Ordnance Survey: Connecting the lives of everyone in Britain

We are Britain's mapping agency. We make the most up-to-date and accurate maps of the country. But we're also a digital business, and we...

A reasonable approach to improving access for disabled people

Ten years after the deadline passed for businesses to make sure their premises and services were accessible, it may be considered surprising to find...

Holmatro introduces Sharp Edge Protection Blanket SEP 2.5 ST

For use during tactical operations. Holmatro launches a new product for protection against sharp edges on objects you need to climb over, like walls and...

Wheelchair-user won claim after being grounded by lack of lift

Most people will be aware that they must never use a lift to move around a building in the event of a fire. Some...
OKI Systems

How Smarter Printers Mean Streamlined Document Management

By Andrew Hall, marketing manager, OKI Systems UK Ltd. With the need to reduce spending comes the need to streamline processes and cut out any duplication...

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