Community Development and Planning


Varberg will be an attractive place to live, visit and work in

The municipality’s goal is to plan for a development that is ecologically, socially and economically sustainable. Development specialization provides a comprehensive picture of the long-term planning approach of the municipality.

Varberg has great need of new areas for both businesses and residential construction. The master plan describes how Varberg planning how in the future we should use our land and water areas.


Development and Growth

A series of new plans and strategies worked today presented to the community planning and urban design take into account the nature of the interests, environmental interests in the broadest sense, energy, roads / railways, public transport, shore, world heritage, different national interests and agricultural interests are some of the more comprehensive. These will then individual citizens, organizations and stakeholder views Varberg municipality works actively to take advantage of, for example through Enjoy Varberg.

Urban Development

On 21 March 2013, the government’s admissibility decisions for projects Varberg tunnel, ie reconstruction of the West Coast line to double track through a tunnel under Varberg center. This initiates a series of activities aimed at facilitating the implementation of this major government infrastructure projects. The project also allows for the commencement of the two projects which the council adopted a intriktningsbeslut about in 2012, namely to transform large parts of the existing port area to allow for urban development and the creation of port operations in the Fare Harbour. These projects take top priority and much of urban development should focus on ensuring that the municipality may maximize the potential of the unique opportunity for a sustainable and attractive city that is now available.

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