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ageing process

Research suggests neurodegenerative disorders may speed up ageing process

Scientists from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) compared the genetic clocks of normal and mutant flies to understand the link between neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and the ageing process
EDC Endocrine Disruptors Project-Instituto Superiore di Sanita

Endocrine disrupting chemicals: sustainability and/or resilience?

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and their adverse effects are discussed by Alberto Mantovani, from Endocrine Disruptors Project, at the Instituto Superiore di Sanita
Healthy Minor Cereals Project

HealthyMinorCereals project – Ensuring nutrition by growing diversity

The HealthyMinorCereals project studies five species of currently less cultivated cereals with the aim to ensure human nutrition through diversity. Cereal production across the EU...

The Werther effect – About the handling of suicide in the media

Vivien Kogler and Alexander Noyon from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences investigate suicidality, the Werther effect and the role of medial presentation in this...
Pneumology & Pulmonary Cell Research university hospital basel

Where are the new asthma drugs?

Professor Michael Roth from the Department Biomedicine & Pneumology, at the University Hospital Basel, discusses development of medication for asthma and new asthma therapies. Asthma is the most...
University of Strathclyde

The Long Arm of Heterocyclic Chemistry

Professor Colin Suckling of Strathclyde University discusses advancements with Heterocyclic Chemistry and the progress towards new medicines. Earlier in January I attended a conference at...
Experimental Pathology Service - Institute of Pathology

Paediatric sarcoma metastasis: an area that warrants in-depth exploration

Ivan Stamenkovic, Professor of Experimental Pathology at University of Lausanne explores the paediatric sarcoma metastasis and why this warrants an in-depth look Metastasis is responsible...
EDC Endocrine Disruptors Project-Instituto Superiore di Sanita

Chemicals impairing thyroid: a worthy concern for European risk assessors

Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) are a concern for European risk assessors; those targeting thyroid are a subgroup that currently undergo an even closer scrutiny. A...
Ignition! Workshop

Ignition! Workshop – Training to be Amazing!

Wellbeing Dynamics presents the Ignition! Workshop - a programme for young people ages 9-25 to encourage self-esteem and mental well-being Young People are our new Leaders,...

Healthy food and environments for all people in Sweden

In this special report, SSEC (Swedish Surplus Energy Collaboration) focus on their exciting and successful work concerning the production of both healthy food and...
New York Uni School of Medicine

The role of normal huntingtin in Huntington’s disease

Professor Tanese of the New York University School of Medicine discusses Huntington’s disease Mutation in the huntingtin gene causes Huntington’s disease, a heritable and fatal neurodegenerative...
Labrador Institute of Memorial University

The eNuk program: Developing a community-based, participatory health and environment surveillance strategy

Prepared by: Alexandra Sawatzky, Ashlee Cunsolo, and Sherilee Harper The call for community-based environment & health monitoring in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut The Canadian North is experiencing intense...

In the midst of life: the importance of community-based services

Director of the Pfalzklinikum facility "Care-Foster-Live", Birgit Fuchs, underlines the vital mental health services of the company and how they improve tolerance and acceptance The...
EDC Endocrine Disruptors Project-Instituto Superiore di Sanita

New insights on reproductive toxicants

Alberto Mantovani discusses new findings regarding reproductive toxicants, which was debated at the European Teratology Society Conference in September The public, policy makers and scientists...

Targeting stem cell transdifferentiation could eradicate glioblastoma

John Lowengrub and colleagues provide insight into the challenge to eradicate glioblastoma and the use of stem cell transdifferentiation.   Huaming Yan1,7, Mónica Romero-López2, Lesly I. Benitez4, Kaijun...

From disease orientation to health promotion

Scientific stakeholder and demand analysis for the establishment of a health centre in the Donnersberg district, ensuring a successful implementation the services of health...

Multimodal feedback control can lead to self-organizing morphogenesis

Vittorio Cristini and John Lowengrub presents insight into the self-organizing morphogenesis and how it can be instigated by multimodal feedback control. Huaming Yan1,5, Sameeran Kunche2,5,...

From tactics to practice: Pfalzklinikum updates its strategy work

A health and welfare institution’s unique features are no longer sufficient to grant its future success. Pfalzklinikum, service provider for mental health, has analysed...

Development of integrated non-invasive methods for cancer diagnosis and treatment

Zhihui Wang1, Subrata Sen2, and Vittorio Cristini1 1Center for Precision Biomedicine, Brown Foundation Institute of Molecular Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston...

Pfalzklinikum fur Psychiatrie und Neurologie Ador – Mental health on the doorstep

Pfalzklinikum offers more decentralised services for children and adolescents. Improving the mental health care on the spot, right where people live, work and spend their...

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