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Twice2much - Spend Recovery Services

Spend Recovery – Can the Public Sector afford not to?

Twice2much discuss spend recovery and why organisations should consider it as best practice despite apprehensions within parts of the public sector.
Twice2much - Spend Recovery Services

Supplier Overpayments – Fraud and Error – Just the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Fraud and error in the public sector is a complex issue which the Government is trying to tackle; Andrew Cushion, Managing Director of Twice2Much discusses.
Twice2much - Spend Recovery Services

Spend Recovery and the opportunity of free money?

Twice2much discuss spend recovery and ask the question: Why are so many Public Sector organisations ignoring the opportunity of FREE MONEY?
Twice2much - Spend Recovery Services

Twice2much discuss the CCS estimate of £220million in Spend Recoveries

How much is a Spend Recovery review worth to your organisation? Can you afford to ignore your share of £220 million? Twice2Much give you the answers...
JCB Finance

JCB Finance warns that a £500,000 – £875,000 tax saving opportunity is drawing to...

The Autumn Statement of 3rd December 2014 confirmed what had already been announced in the March 2014 Budget - a temporary increase in the...
JCB Finance

Competitive Finance on New September 2014 Vehicle Registrations

September vehicle registrations will soon be upon us - so this is a timely reminder that JCB Finance can finance all makes and models...

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