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Robots welding in a production line

Robots as enablers: Improving the working culture in the public sector through automation

Nathan Cairns, Head of Intelligent Automation Practice at Kainos, discusses how automation could impact the public sector.
Ai, Cloud computing. Digital change management internet of things.

How AI and cloud-native can help fight the recession

AI and cloud native technologies could help the UK public sector to brace itself for the recession, as well as support growth in times of uncertainty.
Business leader giving talk to conference room, woman standing up in front of whiteboard, everyone one else sat down in front of her

Finance and business trends for 2023

Rising inflation and the threat of recession present economic challenges for businesses, so what finance and business trends can we expect in 2023?
The Pinpoint Test, cancer diagnostics

The Pinpoint Test: Harnessing the power of AI in cancer diagnostics

Suspected cancer patients in England are currently referred to the NHS urgent cancer referral pathway, known as the ‘2-week wait’ (2WW). It guarantees that suspected cancer patients can see a specialist in Secondary Care within 14 days of referral.
graphic of scientist in lab - ai and machine learning in healthcare concept

AI in healthcare: The road to acceptance, trust and adoption

How will a better understanding of AI and machine learning help build trust in a new generation of diagnostic tools?
Industry, 4.0 concept, Icon flow automation and data exchange in manufacturing technology, Manager industrial engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on system software interface. Welding roboticts operation on background

How government departments can cut costs through hyperautomation

David Shannon, SAS UK & Ireland, discusses how departments can achieve cost savings whilst improving the efficiency of public service via hyperautomation.
Digital transformation concept with the handshake

AI and ML at the core of digital transformations in the public sector

Rocío de León, the UK Account Manager at Innova-tsn, looks at AI & ML use in the public sector, which is key to the government’s digital transformation.
Planting the seeds of value based care in the emergency department

Planting the seeds of value based care in the emergency department

This eBook covers the major challenges facing healthcare systems and how the potential role of artificial intelligence can support improved outcomes, financial savings and value-based care in the emergency room.
cloud computing concept in a contact centre

Cloudy with a chance of success: Moving your contact centre to the cloud

Cloud is transforming organisations, unleashing $1 trillion in value for Fortune 500 companies - now, it's time to move it to contact centres.
Brain disease diagnosis with medical doctor seeing Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI film diagnosing elderly ageing patient neurodegenerative illness problem for neurological medical treatment

Machine learning is helping us understand Alzheimer’s disease

Using machine learning to pinpoint the most accurate means and timelines for anticipating the advancement of Alzheimer’s disease.
Smart city and abstract polygon pattern connection with speed line light

Using big data to predict demand for local services

The public sector is lagging behind in adopting big data science to predict demand for local services, here's why it can help.

PatSnap launches Eureka, an AI-driven innovation intelligence solution

The AI-driven innovation Eureka translates the legal language of intellectual property into the technical language of research and development to promote effective collaboration and accelerate innovation TORONTO and LONDON — NOVEMBER 22, 2022 PatSnap, a global leader in innovation intelligence, launched Eureka today, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution that makes...
ai to reduce carbon emissions

£1.5 million towards promoting AI for reducing carbon emissions

The UK Government has launched a new programme to support the use of AI for reducing carbon emissions.
businessman typing for communication connecting to data ai internet social network online by using laptop computer and smartphone

5 ethical AI considerations to future proof your business

The main ethical challenges of AI fall into four broad categories; digital amplification, discrimination, security and control and inequality.
artist impression of AI tech

The hype around artificial intelligence

Gabriella Kereszturi, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at The University of Law Business School, walks us through the hype around artificial intelligence.
geospatial location technology used by governments

Artificial Intelligence in the UK

Professor Jon Crowcroft FRS FREng, co-founder of iKVA, Researcher at Large, at The Alan Turing Institute and Professor of Communication Systems at Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory, provides his view on Artificial Intelligence in the UK.
How LG Electronics Plans to Accelerate Innovation with AI-Powered Simulation

How LG Electronics plans to Accelerate Innovation with AI-Powered Simulation

AI is changing how the world operates, and LG Electronics plans to be part of this disruption.

How AI can help treat diseases such as cancer and stroke

Tim Wooller, Principal – Industrial Design, Sector Lead Healthcare, PDD, explores how AI can help treat diseases such as cancer and stroke.

NSF grants $1.2 million to expand prosthetic hand control

More than 1.6 million Americans and millions more worldwide have suffered the loss of a limb, and current models of prosthetic hands are falling short.

AI in healthcare can help save time & brain

Mark Hitchman, Managing Director of Canon Medical Systems UK, explains why AI in healthcare can deliver time efficiencies & better standards of care for patients.

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