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technology in hungary

The future of innovation and technology in Hungary

Here, we explore just some of the many areas covered by Hungary’s Economy Protection Action Plan, put in place to ensure a strong future for innovation and technology in Hungary.
corporate knowledge

Can artificial intelligence solve the corporate knowledge problem?

Nikolas Kairinos, Founder and CEO, Soffos, discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) will transform learning and development (L&D) in the corporate world.
smart glasses

AI smart glasses: Aiding maintenance work of highway equipment

Takahira Yamaguchi of Keio University explores how AI smart glasses can act as a smart, simple solution to support maintenance work concerning highway equipment.
use AI ethically

How the public sector can use AI ethically

Asheesh Mehra, CEO and Co-Founder, AntWorks, advises how governments can adopt artificial intelligence (AI) in an ethical and measured way.
low-code applications

Levelling the AI playing field through low-code applications

Richard Billington, Chief Technical Officer at Netcall outlines the importance of levelling the artificial intelligence playing field through low-code applications.
substance abuse, homeless youth, ai algorithm,

AI algorithm to identify homeless youth at risk of substance abuse

Researchers at the College of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to help identify homeless youth at risk of substance abuse.
post-lockdown workplace, covid-19

Experts discuss what the post-lockdown workplace will look like

Here, some experts discuss how the "new normal" will look for the post-lockdown workplace.
social distancing

Why AI-powered video analytics holds the key to enforcing social distancing

Andrew Eggington, Finance Director, Ipsotek, explores the many ways in which artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to enforce social distancing and better protect society.
AI adoption, artificial intelligence

How COVID-19 is driving AI adoption across the healthcare industry

Vincent Grasso, Global Healthcare & Life Sciences Lead, IPsoft, discusses how COVID-19 is driving AI adoption across the healthcare industry.

The SP System: A promising foundation for the development of human-like general AI

Dr J Gerard Wolff, Director at CognitionResearch.org describes the SP System – a promising foundation for the development of human-like general artificial intelligence.
artificial intelligence is humane

Ensuring artificial intelligence is humane and regulated

Alejandro Saucedo, Member of the European Commission's High Level Expert Group Reserve List on AI and Engineering Director at Seldon, argues that to ensure artificial intelligence is humane, it must be regulated.
define digital transformation

How would you define digital transformation?

Salvatore Sinno, Chief Security Architect and Director of Cybersecurity Innovation at Unisys speaks to Open Access Government about how he defines digital transformation.
town planning

What impact can AI have on town planning?

Robin Barber, Product Owner of Built Environment at Arcus Global, explores how artificial intelligence (AI) can play a role in town planning.
COVID-19 fraud

Fighting COVID-19 fraud with a selfie

Joe Bloemendaal, Head of Strategy at Mitek, explores why now, is the perfect time for banks and financial services firms to be finding ways that can tackle fraud with a few clicks.
AI ethics

How will COVID-19 reframe our attitude towards AI ethics?

Vernon Hunte, Associate Director of Public Affairs at April Six, discusses how COVID-19 will change up out attitude towards artificial intelligence (AI) ethics.
artificial intelligence robot

Artificial intelligence robot to support group discussion with pupils

Here, Takahira Yamaguchi from Keio University in Japan explores how an artificial intelligence robot works as part of a group discussion at a primary school.
importance of Swindon and Wiltshire

Constant reinvention: The strategic locational importance of Swindon and Wiltshire

Paddy Bradley, Director of Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership, underlines the strategic locational importance of Swindon and Wiltshire in the UK.
medical professionals

How can AI ease the strain on medical professionals in the NHS?

Mark Frankish, Data Scientist, SAS UK, discusses how AI and analytics can help to streamline the workload of doctors and medical professionals in the NHS and what needs to be done to implement this technology successfully.
machine learning

How can machine learning benefit the healthcare sector?

Machine learning has already been widely accepted in the private sector, however, it is often feared in the public sector. Here, Simon Dennis, Director of AI & Analytics Innovation, SAS UK, explores the benefits of using machine learning in healthcare.
climate crisis, climate change

How can AI help us tackle climate change? 

Nikolas Kairinos, CEO, Fountech.ai, discusses why artificial intelligence (AI) holds the key to solving the climate crisis.

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