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Within, Open Access Government’s Health and Social Care news section, we offer a variety of diverse material. With a focus on the most noteworthy stories in the sector from around the world.

Providing information on the most popular and interesting topics such as the NHS digital transformation and its ongoing developments along with the latest research on diabetes, rare diseases and potential cures. This section also offers articles on the funding to healthcare services and has a strong focus on mental health issues/research and much more.

This category also offers information on how environmental changes are affecting peoples health today along with how the LGBT community deals with health stigma surrounding it.

covid isolation list, isolation exemption

Food sector added to COVID isolation exemption list

Today (23 July), the UK announced that staff involved in securing food supply will now be added to the COVID isolation exemption list - with the exception of supermarket workers.
team europe

Team Europe to deliver 200 million vaccines to low and middle-income countries

‘Team Europe' to share more than 200 million COVID-19 vaccines with low and middle-income countries by the end of 2021.
national disability strategy, green paper

UK Government delays national disability strategy again

The national disability strategy is facing further delays - originally, it was to be published for Spring, 2021.

Listen to local government if we are to succeed in joining up health and...

David McKinney, Local Government Managing Director at Servelec, argues that Integrated Care Systems (ICS) will fall at the first hurdle if local authorities aren’t viewed and treated as equal partners.

Malnutrition linked to higher risk of death from COVID-19

COVID-19 patients with a history of malnutrition have an increased need for mechanical ventilation and risk of death, according to new research.
GP data collection

Plans to increase patient protection under new GP data collection programme

Patient data used for research will be better protected under new safeguarding plans ahead of the GP Data for Planning and Research programme.

More than 10 million people have signed up to use the NHS App

Over 6 million more people have signed up to the NHS App since the COVID-19 vaccination status service, bringing its total number of users to more than 10 million.
cardiac arrhythmias

Study finds that drinking coffee does not cause cardiac arrhythmias

A new study by the University of California, San Francisco, has found no evidence that moderate coffee consumption can cause cardiac arrhythmia.
second dose

Study highlights importance of second COVID-19 vaccine

Findings from a new study strongly emphasise why the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine should not be skipped.
vulnerable children, vaccine

UK Government to only vaccinate vulnerable children

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi said that children who were vulnerable, living with clinically vulnerable family or almost 18 would be given the COVID vaccine.

Frontline NHS staff are no longer required to self-isolate

From Monday 19th July double vaccinated frontline NHS and social care staff who have been told to self-isolate will be permitted to attend work .
COVID hospitalisations daily, UK covid

Professor Ferguson: UK could have 2,000 COVID hospitalisations daily

Professor Neil Ferguson, epidemiological expert at Imperial College London, says that the UK could reach up to 2,000 COVID hospitalisations daily if current increases in transmission continue.
treating long covid

New studies will expand research into diagnosis and treatment of long COVID

15 new studies, backed by £19.6 million through the National Institute for Health Research, will expand research into diagnosing and treating long COVID.
flu jab

Flu jab will be freely available to more than 35 million people this winter

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid has announced that over 35 million people will have access to a free flu vaccine this winter.
HIV prevention methods, oral PrEP

Study finds 97% of women in Africa will work with HIV prevention methods

The REACH study found that 97% of women and girls in Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe are happy to work with HIV prevention methods - globally, half of all people living with HIV are women.

One in two hospitalised COVID-19 patients develop complications

A study of more than 70,000 people in the UK has found that one in two patients hospitalised with COVID-19 developed at least one complication.
africa covid vaccine, WHO

Only 1% of African people have two COVID vaccine doses

Only 1% of Africa's 1.3 billion population have been given two doses of COVID vaccine - now, the Delta variant is sweeping through countries which are highly vulnerable to hospitalisation and death.
positive for antibodies

Nearly 100% of people tested positive for antibodies after second vaccine

New data has found that nearly 100% of people tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies after their second dose of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine.
covid vaccine mandatory, care home

UK says COVID vaccine mandatory for care home workers

The UK House of Commons voted to make COVID vaccination mandatory for care home workers, who will need two doses to continue working from October.
COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation

How games can be used to combat health and vaccine misinformation

Soraiya Verjee, Business Development Director of Sea Monster, discusses how the use of games and animation can combat COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation.

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