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Within, Open Access Government’s Health and Social Care news section, we offer a variety of diverse material. With a focus on the most noteworthy stories in the sector from around the world.

Providing information on the most popular and interesting topics such as the NHS digital transformation and its ongoing developments along with the latest research on diabetes, rare diseases and potential cures. This section also offers articles on the funding to healthcare services and has a strong focus on mental health issues/research and much more.

This category also offers information on how environmental changes are affecting peoples health today along with how the LGBT community deals with health stigma surrounding it.

Two young men smoking cannabis, sat outside amongst greenery

Legalization of recreational cannabis linked with increased alcohol consumption

States that oversaw the legalization of recreational cannabis linked to increased alcohol consumption that is largely driven by young adults and men.
toxicological research

Toxicological research is key to sustaining human health and wellbeing

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, argues that toxicological research is key to sustaining human health and wellbeing .
Woman suffering severe asthma attack reaching for inhaler on table

Severe asthma attacks risk doubled following COVID-19 restrictions lift

Adults suffering from asthma had approximately doubled risk of a severe asthma attack after COVID-19 restrictions were lifted in the UK.
Woman sitting on chair discussing ADHD with child

What are the brain markers of ADHD in children?

Researchers identified biomarkers of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and a possible role for neuroimaging machine learning.
cold intolerance, person cold at home

Cold intolerance: 15 reasons why you could be feeling cold all the time

Commonly feeling cold when others are not complaining of it may not be to do with your lack of central heating - you may be experiencing cold intolerance.
Women holding coffee cups together around table

The health benefits of coffee according to EFAD

A report by the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD) reveals the health benefits of coffee consumption.
Two scientists wearing masks working in lab inspecting test tubes

Have researchers found a new biomarker for COVID-19?

A new biomarker for COVID-19? Researchers discover increased levels of the cytokine IL-26 in blood of acute patients.
Scientist in lab with COVID-19 equipment

COVID-19, communicable disease and immunology

Academic Research Scholar, Prof Wendy M. Purcell, provides an update on COVID-19, communicable disease and immunology.
Sperm morphology. Semen photo under microscope

Research shows a significant sperm count decline globally

Studies across Latin America, Asia and Africa find that men are experiencing a sperm count decline due to our modern environment and lifestyle.
patients wait for doctors and nurses in the hospital

Could volunteers help to tackle the problem with NHS waiting lists?

Recent figures show that the number of people in England NHS waiting lists has jumped to a record 6.8 million - but could this decrease with volunteers?
woman talking to lady psychologist

Beating the NHS backlog: Supporting those waiting for an autism assessment

The growing waiting lists for NHS care across the UK have impacted people waiting to receive autism assessments, but could digital tools help with this? 
Young man with beard on blurry background sunset sky, making soap bubbles smoke inside with the aid of vape

What flavour chemicals are in e-cig liquids?

High levels of sweet and fruit flavour chemicals are found in e-cig liquids, but the question is: are they dangerous?
Flags on some of the major countries in the world rippling inn the wind against a cloudy blue sky

The EU’s role in global cooperation for public health

The Covid-19 pandemic and emerging threats such as Monkeypox have demonstrated the need for global cooperation on public health.
HCV, hepatitis C virus elimination

Hepatitis C virus elimination: A potential global success story

Dr Zisis Kozlakidis and Dr Dewi Nur Aisyah examine Hepatitis C virus elimination and weigh up if this has the potential to become a global success story.
The word 'SUGAR' spelled out in sugar

Physical and mental health benefits of a sugar-free diet

Deciding to embark on a sugar-free diet can be a complicated challenge, especially as sugar comes in many forms - but here we list the many benefits of not consuming the substance.
teeth model at dentist

The UK’s oral health needs levelling up

Balika Reddy, Dentist at Harley Street Specialist Hospital, argues that the UK’s oral health is a postcode lottery and is in dire need of...
female patient listening to her medical record

Improvements to NHS digital can deliver better patient access

NHS Digital has planned to merge with NHS England in January 2023 to increase support for patients online.

Reducing falls and fractures with low-intensity vibration

MyBones explores the relationship between falls and fractures, and the importance of preventative care.

Eating late at night increases risk of obesity, here’s why

Dieticians regularly warn against eating late at night but why is this and how does it affect body weight? New research reveals all.
Close up photograph of man and woman sat next to each other at talking therapy session

21.5% more people accessing talking therapies through the NHS

The number of people accessing talking therapies for conditions such as anxiety and depression via the NHS increased by 21.5% from 2020-21 to 2021-22, a new report shows.

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