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household transmission

Single COVID-19 vaccine dose reduces household transmission by 49%

New Public Health England (PHE) study finds that one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine reduces household transmission by up to 49%.
needle phobia

How patients can overcome needle phobia and get the COVID vaccine

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, explores what can be done to help patients who refuse the COVID-19 vaccination due to needle phobia.
side effects of the Moderna vaccine

What are the side effects of the Moderna vaccine?

Here we list some of the most common and uncommon side effects of the Moderna vaccine and discuss the latest trials on pediatric participants.
astrazeneca vaccine side effects, pfizer side effects

One in four people get Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine side effects

New data from the UK's vaccination programme suggests that one in four people get Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine side effects - with most peaking in the first 24 hours, then gone in two days.
build back better

NHS: How can we build back better?

Paul Styler, Director of Infrastructure Solutions, ETL, explores the challenges facing NHS Trust to support the build back better agenda.
pediatric dental patients

2% of asymptomatic pediatric dental patients test positive for COVID-19

A new study by a University of Illinois Chicago pediatric dentist has found that 2% of asymptomatic pediatric dental patients test positive for COVID-19.
hospital fires, ICU

COVID oxygen use increases risk of hospital fires

In India and Iraq, patients recently died in hospital fires caused by oxygen explosions - an increased amount of oxygen is needed to treat COVID-19.
Omega-3 index

High Omega-3 index reduces premature death

New research shows that people with a high Omega-3 Index are 13% less likely to die prematurely compared to those with low levels.
hospitalised covid-19 patients, vitamin d

Vitamin D does not help hospitalised COVID-19 patients

A new Brazilian study found that a high dose of vitamin D did not improve the condition of hospitalised COVID-19 patients.
respiratory symptoms

Smoking both e-cigs & tobacco cigarettes increases risk of respiratory symptoms

Research led by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital reveals that people who use both e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes are more likely to develop respiratory symptoms compared to those using either one alone.
nhs prescription

NHS prescription data to support COVID-19 research

NHS Digital has established a new Hospital Prescribing and Administration resource to support COVID-19 research.
south africa johnson & johnson, africa mutation

South Africa will use Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine

After stopping rollout in response to blood clot investigations, South Africa are now preparing to start using Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines.
malaria vaccine

Researchers report malaria vaccine efficacy of 77%

Researchers from the University of Oxford and their partners have reported that the malaria vaccine, R21/Matrix-M, has demonstrated high-level efficacy of 77%.
HIV patients in latin america, living with HIV

Life expectancy is up for HIV patients in Latin America

Researchers studied over 30,688 HIV patients across seven Latin American countries - finding that life expectancy has dramatically increased over a period of 14 years.
die of covid, black women

Scientists find Black women four times likelier to die of COVID

Researchers at Harvard University found that Black women are four times more likely to die of COVID than white men - the data also revealed that Black women are three times more likely to die of the virus than Asian men.
vaccinate population covid, COVAX

Some countries can’t vaccinate population against COVID until 2023

In February, 16% of the world's population pre-ordered 70% of available COVID vaccines - now, researchers at Colombia University reveal that some poorer countries won't be able to vaccinate their population until 2023.
NHS contract, topwood ltd

NHS contract given to Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s family company

According to HSJ, Health Secretary Matt Hancock's family-owned company were awarded an NHS contract for services - but the Secretary failed to declare any connection to Topwood Ltd.
vaccination rates

Child vaccination rates have declined since COVID-19 outbreak

According to a Kaiser Permanente study, the rate of recommended vaccine doses administered to children has dramatically decreased since the outbreak of COVID-19.
leishmaniasis vaccine

Trial finds York/Hull leishmaniasis vaccine is safe

A new vaccine, developed by researchers at the Hull York Medical School, to treat leishmaniasis has proved to be safe in the first clinical trials.
willing to get vaccinated

84% of young people willing to get vaccinated

Data from a MyVoice national survey has found that the percentage of young people who say they're willing to get vaccinated has risen to 84%.

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