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covid-19 infection rates

Orthodox Jew’s have one of the highest COVID-19 infection rates

A new study has found that the UK strictly-Orthodox Jewish community experience one of the highest infection rates of COVID-19 throughout 2020.
astrazeneca doses, doses

Research says 12 weeks between AstraZeneca doses improves protection

AstraZeneca dose efficiency holds at 76% in the three-month period between the first and second dose - suggesting that this time period is good for maximising protection.
die after heart transplant, medicaid

Data shows young, Black adults twice as likely to die after heart transplant

The American Heart Association found that young, Black adults are more than twice as likely to die in the first year after a heart transplant - in comparison to non-Black transplant recipients of the same age.
vaccination programmes

High infection numbers can undo our vaccination programmes

The vaccine roll out gives hope of a return to some form of normality, but current high COVID-19 infection numbers put the success of vaccination programmes at risk. Professor Martin Michaelis and Dr Mark Wass of University of Kent’s School of Biosciences explain why.
covid-19 variant

South African COVID-19 variant found in UK

Additional testing has been deployed across the UK after a COVID-19 variant originally identified in South Africa has been found .
Valneva vaccine

UK purchases additional 40 million doses of Valneva vaccine

The UK government has announced that it has secured early access to a further 40 million doses of the Valneva COVID-19 vaccine.
get COVID-19 vaccine

Third of Americans say they are unlikely to get COVID-19 vaccine

A new study by the University of California, Davis has found that a third of Americans are either unlikely or hesitant to get a COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.
johnson johnson vaccine, vaccine

Johnson & Johnson vaccine has 66% efficiency in one dose

New clinical trial data shows that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is able to give 66% protection against COVID in one dose - with an 85% efficiency at the standard double-dose.
astrazeneca covid vaccine, eu

The EU authorises AstraZeneca COVID vaccine for use

European regulators have approved their third vaccine, AstraZeneca - which comes after a week of tense communications between the two parties.
giving COVID vaccines, primary care

Three ways to solve the logistical challenges of giving COVID vaccines

An anonymous Doctor explains their ideas for how the NHS could tackle the significant logistical challenges of giving COVID vaccines.
novavax vaccine, mutation

Novavax vaccine is 85.6% efficient against UK COVID mutation

Phase Three data from the UK trial shows that Novavax still works powerfully against the UK mutation, with a less intense impact on the South African mutation at 60%.

Engineers design model for using one ventilator on two patients

Engineers at the University of Bath have published a mathematical model that could help clinicians to safely ventilate two COVID patients on one ventilator.
vaccine war, eu

Is this a vaccine war or the first post-Brexit war?

Right now, the rift between AstraZeneca and the European Commission continues to grow - but is it a vaccine war or the first post-Brexit war?
REACT study, people

REACT study: UK scientists aren’t seeing a “sharp drop in infections”

New data from the REACT study finds that the rising infection rate has steadied a little, but there is no "sharp drop in infections" as in the first wave and the R is still high.
vaccine feud, soriot

AstraZeneca CEO discusses the European Commission vaccine feud

AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot spoke to Antonello Guerrera about the ongoing vaccine feud - with the Commission receiving 60% less than expected, raising tense questions about why.
europe's ageing society

Green paper explores challenges and opportunities of Europe’s ageing society

The European Commission has presented a green paper to launch a broad policy debate on the challenges and opportunities of Europe's ageing population.
israel's vaccine data, israel

Israel’s vaccine data suggests that Pfizer is performing at the expected 95%

New vaccine data from Israel suggests that the double-dose of Pfizer is performing at the expected rate of 95% efficiency - with the possibility that it is performing even better than that being further investigated.

People with high omega-3 blood levels are less likely to die from COVID-19

Researchers have found that people with higher omega-3 blood levels have a reduced risk of death from COVID-19.
south african COVID mutation, vaccine

Moderna vaccine works on South African COVID mutation

The company announced that their current vaccine can handle the South African COVID mutation - with plans to create an "additional booster dose" to see if they can create specific protections against emerging variants.
covid-19 virus variants

UK offers genomics expertise to find COVID-19 virus variants across the world

The UK will offer its world-leading genomics expertise to identify new variants of the COVID-19 virus to countries who do not have the resources to do so.

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