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At CBD Capital & Naturalis London we we provide industry education, consumer support and quality assured cannabidiol products.

Health & Social Care Stakeholders

SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics - biological and biomedical data science

SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics – biological and biomedical data science

The SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics is an internationally recognised non-profit organisation dedicated to biological and biomedical data science.
ConsultUs and Care

Consultus Care and Nursing: Delivering care for the elderly using AI

Consultus Care and Nursing is one of the UK's longest established live-in care providers founded in 1962 and aims to transform the way we deliver care for the elderly through the use of technology.

Research on rare genetic diseases impacting brain development with Prof Olivier Braissant

Professor Olivier Braissant is at the University Hospital of Lausanne (CHUV) - he works on rare genetic diseases impacting brain development.

HIPTeens – improving the sexual health of teens

Our purpose is simple: helping girls reach their potential through robust research and practical application for sexual and mental health
Faculty of Social Welfare and Education

A support model for foster care – KAKENHI Basic Scientific Research

Research into foster care at the Osaka Prefecture University to develop effective support and provide a sustainable environment for foster children.
Division of Toxicology and Health Science

Division of Toxicology and Health Science – Sanyo-Onoda City University

The Division of Toxicology and Health Science at Sanyo-Onoda City University aims to extend human life through understanding of hazardous materials.
unplanned care

VitalHub UK Group of Companies

The VitalHub UK Group lead health technology focused on data integration in planned and unplanned care, keeping the complex simple.
Profil Institut fur Stoffwechselforschung GmbH

Profil – leading the way in diabetes and obesity research

As a full-service CRO for early clinical trials in diabetes and obesity, Profil has brought together experts so that we can offer you unrivalled service.
Department of Neurological Sciences Comprehensive Epilepsy Program

Dr Arun Swaminathan – University of Nebraska Medical Center

Dr Arun Swaminathan is an Assistant Professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and is involved in aspects of epilepsy care.

The Novacyt Group – a specialist diagnostic solutions provider within the healthcare industry

The Novacyt Group offer an increasing portfolio of in-vitro diagnostic tests, utilising molecular and protein detection technologies.
PHC Europe B.V.

PHC Europe BV – technology for medical and healthcare

PHC Europe B.V. has the most reliable, high-quality medical and laboratory equipment – backed by more than 50 years’ experience in the sector.
C3 Collaborating for Health

C3 Collaborating for Health

C3 brings together different communities to create health changes that make it easier to stop using tobacco, improve diet and do more physical activity.
Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovatione Centre

Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre

The UK’s first dedicated Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre, leading vaccine development and manufacture in the UK.
Draeger Medical Uk Ltd

Dräger – medical and safety technology to protect, support and save lives

Dräger provide medical and safety technology solutions for patient care and therapy, offering a wide range of products and equipment.
Shinshu University

Domen Laboratory – developing photocatalysts for renewable hydrogen production

Domen Laboratory focuses on research and development for particulate photocatalysts and reaction systems to meet our future energy needs.
CytoSorbents Corporation INC

CytoSorbents – Working to Save Lives through Blood Purification

CytoSorbents uses blood purification to treat uncontrolled inflammation in a broad range of life-threatening illnesses, including COVID-19 infection.

SACIDS Foundation for One Health – tackling infectious diseases

As an inter-institutional network dealing with infectious diseases, SACIDS focuses on both individual and institutional development.
DTU-National Food Institute

Bioactives – Analysis and Application

Charlotte Jacobsen discusses the Bioactives – Analysis and Application research group and its aims for sustainable food production.
URPP Dynamics of Healthy Aging

Differential Healthy Ageing Research – URPP Dynamics of Healthy Ageing

Professor Mathias Allemand discusses the importance of promoting healthy ageing as we see our lifespans increase in recent times.
Food Allergy Research and Resource Program

AllergenOnline.org – founded by Dr. Richard E. Goodman

Dr. Richard E. Goodman created the allergen database, including a celiac database, for checking for similarities to allergens or celiac eliciting peptides.