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Bridging the gap between academic research and industrial application in the perspective of industry 4.0

Bridging the gap between academic research and industrial application in the perspective of industry...

“Good is not good enough when better is expected”. A quote that may very well apply for Atul Singh (29) from India working tirelessly at his computer optimizing engineering designs for the better.
Taking Action!

Taking Action: empowering youth generated solutions for communities

Finding and promoting a learning approach that empowers youth to generate solutions for their communities.
contemporary medical education,

Disruptive change in contemporary medical education

Here, L. Maximilian Buja, MD, describes a disruptive change in contemporary medical education and explains the unintended consequences of that change.
pandemic times, online lecture

How to create and deliver an online lecture: A survival guide during pandemic times

Professor Darren Griffin, University of Kent, and Dr Julia Stephenson, Brunel University London, discuss how to create and deliver an online lecture during these pandemic times
Office to Advance Women, Equity & Diversity, Academic Affairs

Women and minority faculty in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

Here, Florida International University (FIU) discusses FUI ADVANCE, a research mission tackling institutional bias against women and minority faculty.

Euroacademy – Profesional Higher Education

Juri Martin from EuroAcademy offers his expert thoughts on environmental approaches to regional security and the broader themes of higher education provision in Estonia.
Canadian Universities

Respectful Relations: Enacting Reconciliation in Canadian Universities

Dr Dawn Zinga, Associate Professor and Chair at the Department of Child and Youth Studies within Brock University provides a very detailed perspective on enacting reconciliation in Canadian universities
Big Data

Big data in educational science: The story of meta-analysis

In this insightful analysis, two seasoned experts from University of Zurich (Switzerland) explore the exciting world of big data in educational science, focusing on the story of meta-analysis

Challenges and opportunities of living amidst diversity

In this special in-depth feature, Dr Anouk Tersteeg and Dr Gideon Bolt Faculty of Geosciences from Utrecht University both explore the challenges and opportunities of living amidst diversity in today’s world Dr Anouk Tersteeg and Dr Gideon Bolt Faculty of Geosciences from Utrecht University unveil fascinating findings from the PhD-thesis,...
Dole Human Development Center

Specific Language Impairment in children

In this absorbing e-book, Mabel L. Rice from the University of Kansas highlights specific language impairment and why it often goes unrecognised

Using meta-analysis as an analysis tool in educational science

Meta-analysis could be a solution for the analysis of big data, revealing research gaps. Esther Kaufmann and Professor Dr Katharina Maag Merki explain
Evaluating education pharmacy

Evaluating education and training in pharmacy

Dr Kevin J Flint, Reader in Education, International Association for Practice Doctorates discusses the importance of evaluating education in pharmacy
AG North America Analysis Cover

AG: North America Analysis

Welcome to the AG – North America Analysis. In this special edition we highlight a number of key features regarding North American countries Shining light on areas such as healthcare, agriculture, and research, the publication features a number of contributors specifically from Canada and the US. Focusing on a number of...
Brock University

First Nations Students’ Lived Experiences

The transition to high school can be a challenging time for students as it marks a shift in what is required of students as well as a change in their social groups as more students come together in a single school. While all students will experience challenges during this...
Uni of Greenwich

University of Greenwich: The ESRC HIVE-PED Seminar Series

The ESRC funded Higher Vocational Education and Pedagogy (HIVE-PED) research seminar series has organised and delivered nine expert seminars and two conferences during 2013-16, with a focus on research findings on parity, progression and social mobility in England, but including also comparative international perspectives.

Plus Ultra: What’s this got to do with modern education?

Dr Kevin Flint of IAPD discusses education. Over the last few months my articles presented on the AG website have been variously concerned with the complex relationship of practice, research and education. Here I wish to concentrate upon education. In reading a multiplicity of historical accounts of it one cannot help...

International Association for Practice Doctorates

In viewing any report, journal article, essay, textbook, webpage, discussion, dialogue, blog, or story concerned with research in education or the social sciences, and in examining what these variously represent as ‘training’ and ‘support’ provided for new researchers at undergraduate/postgraduate level, there seems to be no doubt – the purpose of research is to generate appropriately rigorous grounds for...
Nottingham Trent University-College of Arts and Science, School of Education

International Association for Practice Doctorates

Few people living in this modern world could have failed to notice the crisis and the stark injustices affecting millions of people emerging from conflict in Syria. No one could have failed to notice also the qualitative range of hospitality extended by leaders, other agencies and individuals from people...

Congenital & Early Acquired Deafblindness – Department of Special Needs

The combination of a sight and hearing impairment (deafblindness) is a disability with little understanding.  In the UK alone, there are currently around 250,000 deafblind people, yet public awareness of what deafblindness is can be low. Deafblindness affects a person’s ability to communicate, to access all kinds of information, and to get around. Deafblindness...
School of Food Science

School of Food Science – Washington State University

Dr James F Harbertson elucidates the growing field of oenology and explains how collaboration with industry can help to highlight and solve the problems associated with the production of wine.

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