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Juri Martin from EuroAcademy offers his expert thoughts on environmental approaches to regional security and the broader themes of higher education provision in Estonia

Juri Martin from EuroAcademy shares his concern that in many parts of the world, renewable natural resources are being utilised faster than their natural rate of renewal. On the concept of environmental security, we find out that there are two major prerequisites that must be satisfied to achieve environmental security. Firstly, a protection requirement, that is, the quality of the human environment must be safeguarded. Secondly, a utilisation requirement, that is, any exploitation (harvesting or use) of renewable natural resources must be carried out on a sustainable basis.

This in-depth analysis also reveals that without an inflexible commitment to the sustainable development of resources and the sustainable disposal of waste, there can be no environmental security. While this is all very thought-provoking, we also learn about EuroAcademy who provide both professional higher education and Master’s studies.

We discover that EuroAcademy has built competence centres in the faculties of environmental protection, translation and international relations and it is in the given fields that the academy has become a renowned leader of innovation. EuroAcademy is also a member of international research networks, with the students and lecturers often participating in various cooperation projects in their field.

The mission of EuroAcademy is to provide top-quality higher education and develop contemporary knowledge to provide their students with competitive education and to prepare them for the world of work in Estonia or elsewhere. One of EuroAcademy’s core values concerns academic freedom, creativity and autonomy. As a private higher education Institution, EuroAcademy is independent in its development priorities, we are told.

Finally, we learn about many goals of the institution, including the ambition to establish alumni societies at each faculty and the foster the tradition of holding regular meetings to find the new apprenticeship and job opportunities, as well as other forms of cooperation that strongly support the goals and activities of EuroAcademy.


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