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Swindon and Wiltshire LEP discuss transforming urban centres and local developments

Swindon and Wiltshire LEP discusses the development of the urban centre in Swindon and Salisbury, as well as developments in Wiltshire Swindon and Wiltshire is an area of major economic significance; attracting substantial overseas and UK investment. Its pivotal location in central southern England offers direct links to London, Heathrow,...

Technology Stakeholders

sonar technology

MMA Global Aqua – Underwater sonar technology

MMA Global Aqua discuss their use of sonar technology for expert underwater surveying in the waters of Taiwan.

PatSnap – Connected Innovation Intelligence

Connected innovation intelligence is the process of connecting billions of data points via AI-powered technology and machine learning.
Insimbi Consulting Ltd

Insimbi Consulting Ltd – IT, Geospatial & Information Management Consultants

Transforming your digital and locational project data, Insimbi Consulting Ltd provide IT, Geospatial & Information Management Consultants.

Innova-tsn – Smart Solutions

Innova-tsn design advanced analytics solutions to transform your business with a team of over 300 professionals and18 years of experience.
NLR - Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre

NLR – Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre

Royal NLR makes aerospace more sustainable, safer, more efficient and more effective with innovative solutions and practical advice.
Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

Illinois Computer Science has generated and revitalised entirely new industries, generated commerce and created jobs.
Lurtis Rules – Artificial Intelligence driven Solutions

Lurtis Rules – Artificial Intelligence driven Solutions

Lurtis Rules designs, develops, and implements Artificial Intelligence technology into businesses in the fields of engineering and sciences.
PNO Consultants - nurturing innovation

PNO Consultants – nurturing innovation

PNO Consultants help to nurture innovation projects from private and public organisations to expand the innovation landscape.
The Digital Pasts Lab

Computational History and Philology at Digital Pasts Lab

The Digital Pasts Lab (DigPasts-Lab) is geared towards performing innovative, quality research in digital humanities, with an emphasis on historical research.
Chiba Institute of Technology

Faculty of Engineering at the Chiba Institute of Technology

Gaining the knowledge and skills in a variety of engineering fields for the development of modern society at Chiba Institute of Technology.
QuickThink Cloud

QuickThink Cloud Limited – Public Sector Cloud Hosting

QuickThink Cloud Limited are your go-to experts in Public Sector Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

Finworks – Data management and workflow solutions

Finworks build software ‘with people, for people’ using their low-code data management and workflow platforms to achieve efficiencies and repeatability.
Pivotal Solutions Limited

Pivotal Solutions – Specialists in software solutions

Pivotal Solutions is a software consultancy that delivers high quality bespoke computer software solutions to meet your needs.

112CO2 – Low temperature catalytic methane decomposition

112CO2 is a European project tasked with implementing sustainable technology to tackle the issue surrounding CO2 emissions.
Digital Craftsmen

For 20 years Digital Craftsmen has been at the front line against cyber-attacks

For 20 years Digital Craftsmen has been at the front line against cyber-attacks. Founder Simon Wilcox explains why the People, Process and Technology approach sits at the heart of a successful cyber security strategy.
ICT4Peace Foundation

ICT4Peace Foundation – ICT for peaceful purposes

ICT for crisis management, disaster risk reduction and peace-building, brought to you by the ICT4Peace Foundation.

Unit4 creates management technology tailored to the needs of people-centric organisations

Unit4’s Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Resource, and Financial Planning & Analysis solutions empower public sector organisations
Zest Consult

Zest Consult – Digital Transformation that unlocks your organisation’s potential

Working collaboratively with our clients on digital consultancy, engineering, and delivery through their digital transformation journey.

PLACEmaking deliver workplace transformation and improvement

PLACEMAKING deliver workplace transformation with a Smart Working implementation plan that can be scaled to fit headcount, resource capacity and timeline. Their tried and tested change toolbox helps achieve workplace improvement targets and supports people transition through four key stages of change.
UBDS - Digital transformation specialists

UBDS – Digital transformation specialists

UBDS deliver significant, measurable, and sustainable digital transformation to the public and private sector.