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biological world, natural history museum

The past biological world & its environment through research

Conrad Labandeira explains the mission of the Department of Paleobiology of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, to foster scientific & public understanding of the past biological world & its environment through research.
structures of protein complexes, 3D structures

Computational methods for modelling 3D structures of protein complexes

Here, we learn about Daisuke Kihara, Professor of Biological Sciences and Computer Science at Purdue University, who develops state-of-the-art computational methods for modelling 3D structures of protein complexes.
therapies for cats

Neurological disorders: Developing therapies for cats, dogs & patients

Charles H. Vite, DVM, PhD from School of Veterinary Medicine at University of Pennsylvania, focuses on a fascinating aspect of neurological disorders concerning developing therapies for cats, dogs & patients.
disease mechanisms

Huntington’s Disease: Insight into disease mechanisms

Dr James E. Goldman, Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at Columbia University, describes gaining more insight into disease mechanisms by comparing mouse genetic models with the human disease when it comes to Huntington’s Disease.
meteorite impacts

Meteorite impacts: The good and the bad

Here, Dr G. R. Osinski, Professor at Western University, explores the positive and negative impacts meteorites have on Earth.
functionality of ecosystems, biodiversity

Biodiversity and the functionality of ecosystems

Here, Peter G. Kevan, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph, with Charlotte Coates, explores the issue of measuring ecosystem health (no longer a metaphor) and functionality against biodiversity and how this could be used in environmental policy.
next generation sequencing, wyss institute

Next Generation Sequencing in tissues: Fully in situ methods

Here, Synthetic Biology Platform Lead at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Richie Kohman, continues exploring the breakthroughs of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).
the covid-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines: Risks versus benefits

Lauren Matelski, Jeremy MacMahon, and Pamela J. Lein from the University of California, Davis, weigh the risks associated with COVID-19 vaccines versus the benefits.
rural-urban cleavages, coevolving informatics

Afghan refugees and rural-urban cleavages: Coevolving-informatics

Chris Girard, Associate Professor, Florida International University, explains how rural-urban cleavages in Afghanistan are revealed by coevolving informatics.
preventative cardiology, disability

A revised target for preventive cardiology: Early disease vs risk factors

The ultimate goal of preventive cardiology should be to eliminate cardiovascular morbid events as a cause of death and disability.
giant rydberg atoms, rice university

Giant Rydberg atoms: From scientific curiosity to quantum sensors

F Barry Dunning and Thomas C Killian from the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Rice University depict the benefits of research into the remarkable physical and chemical properties of Rydberg atoms.
plasmasphere, ionosphere bubbles

Simulating ionosphere bubbles and plasmasphere ducts

Here, J.D. Huba, Vice President at Syntek Technologies, shares their expert insight into simulating ionosphere bubbles and plasmasphere ducts.
smart bandage

Breakthrough smart bandage detects low tissue oxygen

Kim, Chang-Soo from Missouri University of Science and Technology with Stoecker, William V from Stoecker & Associates Technology, Rolla, Missouri, describe a breakthrough smart bandage by S&A Tech and Missouri S&T capable of detecting low tissue oxygen.
cannabinoids in epilepsy

The expanding scope of cannabinoids in epilepsy

Arun Swaminathan MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Epilepsy at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, details the expanding scope of cannabinoids in epilepsy.
biological carbon capture

Supercharging biological carbon capture & food production

Richard T Sayre, Senior Research Scientist at New Mexico Consortium in the U.S., walks us through engineering improved photosynthesis for enhanced food production & carbon sequestration.

Apoptosis: A key alternate trigger of carcinogenesis

Chanda Siddoo-Atwal, President and Primary Biochemist of Moondust Cosmetics Ltd., explores apoptosis, a key alternate trigger of carcinogenesis.
regenerative cell therapeutics

The future of regenerative cell therapeutics

Tobias Deuse, Cardiac Surgeon and Scientist at University of California San Francisco, reveals to us the future of regenerative cell therapeutics.
cardiovascular Hæmodynamics

A different view of cardiovascular hæmodynamics

Here, Professors Nigel Shrive and John Tyberg illustrate how their work has led to an alternative interpretation of hæmodynamics compared to the paradigm that was proposed over 60 years ago.
banana xanthomonas wilt

Controlling Banana Xanthomonas Wilt Disease in East Africa

Experts Leena Tripathi, Jaindra Nath Tripathi and Richard Goodman, provide a compelling analysis of controlling Banana Xanthomonas Wilt Disease in East Africa.
actionable water information

Actionable water information for local decision-making

GEOGloWS is delivering actionable water information from global models for use in local decision-making, E. James Nelson, Professor at Brigham Young University explains.

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