International Association for Practice Doctorates

In viewing any report, journal article, essay, textbook, webpage, discussion, dialogue, blog, or story concerned with research in education or the social sciences, and in examining what these variously represent as ‘training’ and ‘support’ provided for new researchers at undergraduate/postgraduate level, there seems to be no doubt – the purpose of research is to generate appropriately rigorous grounds for generating truth claims to knowledge about aspects of the world of practice.

Justice certainly does not seem to feature in any such stories. Ordinarily too, in a closer examination of research the landscape and landmarks it creates for its practitioners, of course, continues to grow evermore complicated. It’s easy to become lost in the mists of the many technical languages, providing seemingly endless details for would-be researchers, about just how and upon what basis those beguiling truth claims to knowledge in each paradigm of research are created.


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