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Assisted target recognition for x-ray cargo scanning

How useful are Assisted Target Recognition algorithms and training for improving the detection performance of customs officers?
Free University Berlin

Religious elites and societal organisation in south-eastern Europe

The relationship between traditional religious context and processes of modernity is a central issue in contemporary public discussions as well as in debates within the field of social sciences.
ACXIS Project

EMPA – ACXIS Project

The project ACXIS brings together the expertise in X-ray cargo inspection of leading research centres in Germany, France and Switzerland, the major European supplier for cargo inspection systems, a research and development organisation focusing on training of X-ray inspection officers, and Customs administrations of the Netherlands and Switzerland.


In a narrow sense, the term postal service is reserved for national services as recognised by the Universal Postal Union, an agency of the United Nations.

The City of Varberg

For Varberg, Sweden, 2015 is the year when the community will reunite in a joint effort to take responsibility for peace and human rights.

Core Connections Ltd

As the proportion of the world’s population living in urban environments increases and those in rural ones decrease, the design of places to help us keep nature in sight becomes more vital.


Those within the housing industry will be familiar with the near bankruptcy of the Cosmopolitan Housing Group back in 2012. In light of the report, it was recommended that ‘boards should have the right people with the skills and experience to govern well, that the risk the organisation faces...
OKI Systems

OKI Systems (UK) Ltd

When there are so many other demands on budget, it’s understandable that growing businesses remain reluctant to make large capital investments in new printing solutions. Instead they tend to purchase cheaper devices that are inefficient and not right for the task. However, there is an alternative.

Trustper A/S

This concept is 'green'. Devised in a cost-efficient way to primarily preserve ballast tanks and void space using a 3-step work and progress procedure.

Nodin Aviation AS

Medical evacuation is a chain of activities to bring injured, ill or contagious persons from the scene of the accident or their location to the treating/specialist hospital. Nodin Aviation assists our customers to create and keep a strong chain by developing specialized role equipment for CASEVAC and MEDEVAC.

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