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Here, Lifescience Legal Design analyse the current situation of medical cannabis and hemp regulation, discussing the ongoing plans of the US, UK and the EU

All sectors are quietly and loudly afraid at the economic situation waiting on the other side of lockdown. Currently, the future of trade is a question that has bled into public consciousness over the last few weeks, with jobs, bills and innovation being topics of great concern. Individuals have been furloughed, whilst others have seen their industries disappear before their eyes.

If you are unsure how the pandemic will impact the imminent future of medical cannabis and hemp regulation, this team continue to ask the crucial questions and answer them.

Several companies trading across the UK border are unsure of where they will legally land after the proposed attachment of regulations to the minutiae of the UK’s eventual Brexit Deal, which leaves a lot of individuals wondering how they will continue to develop their business in medical cannabis and hemp.

The trade relationship for hemp seems that it will be strengthened between the UK and EU, whilst America remains unable to raise the value of trading Hemp within its borders, stuck in “dark waters” that cannot give UK or EU traders a reasonable guarantee.

Whilst there is currently no in-depth information on what will be required of companies for the next UK Authorisation process, the work of KDenoodt International Consult is able to shed light on the very real outcomes of what could happen for businesses across the spectrum.

If you want to hear more about regulation expectations, Government plans and how to be ready for both, read more about it here.

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