Headline Research & Innovation Stakeholder

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

The Calorimeter Center – Advanced Materials and Batteries

The Calorimeter Center uses calorimeters to advance thermal management and safety of batteries, handling thermodynamic, thermal and safety data.

Research & Innovation Stakeholders

Architecture, Design and Urbanism

Recursive Urbanism – with Paul Guzzardo

Paul Guzzardo is an innovator of Recursive Urbanism, examining the intersection of artificially intelligent machines and the City Street.
Department of Animal Science

The Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University

The Department of Animal Science, based within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, has a long history of teaching and research innovation.
Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology - Chuo University

In scilico drug repositioning targeting SARS-CoV-2

Development of effective drugs toward COVID-19 is urgently required, and so research is being implemented with in scilico drug repositioning.
Department of Biology

Exploring microbial electrosynthesis at Washington University in St. Louis

Dr Arpita Bose discusses research into bioelectrochemical systems and microbial electrosynthesis at the Department of Biology, Washington University.
Cavendish Laboratory

Researching polymer physics at Cambridge University

Professor Eugene Terentjev discusses researching polymer physics in the Cavendish Laboratory at the University of Cambridge.