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next-generation sequencing

How can next-generation sequencing create treatments for diseases?

In this ebook, we interview Dr Richie Kohman, Synthetic Biology Platform Lead at the Wyss Institute at Harvard, about his work with next-generation sequencing (NGS).
treatments for epilepsy, neurostimulation

Contemporary treatments for epilepsy

Dr Arun Swaminathan, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Epilepsy at the University of Nebraska, explores the contemporary power of neurostimulation in treating epilepsy.
treat type 2 diabetes, cbd oil

Can cannabidiol treat Type 2 diabetes?

Delve into the story of Kevin Simpson, who used Cannabidiol (CBD) to treat Type 2 Diabetes.
immunotherapy brain tumors

Immunotherapy for Brain Tumors

Here, Dr Sean Lawler investigates if immunotherapy can be used to treat brain cancers - with expert analysis on the role of T cells.
Allergen Database, allergies

Allergen Databases for Food Safety of GMOs and Novel Foods

Rick Goodman, Food Allergy Research and Resource Programme at the University of Nebraska, discusses allergen databases in GMOs and Novel Foods.
creatine transporter deficiency

Genetic Disease Treatment Research: Creatine Transporter Deficiency

Here, Professor Olivier Braissant explains the challenges of treating genetic diseases - with a specific look at creatine transporter deficiency.
cats and dogs

Toxic risks in the human environment for cats and dogs

Here, Pamela J. Lein, UC Davis, explains how crucial it is to be aware of toxic risks in the human environment for cats and dogs.
youth mental health, joypop app

A resilience intervention for youth mental health

Here, Andrea Boles at Algonquin College, and Dr Christine Wekerle at McMaster University explore the need for an evidence-based application on the resilience and positive-emotionality of youth.
endocrine safety, public health

Food Safety: Assessing mixtures of endocrine disruptors

Here, Alberto Mantovani from Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Roma, Italy, discusses an aspect of food safety that concerns assessing mixtures of endocrine disruptors.
viral vaccines, viral disease

Tailoring the Immune System

Here, Professor Pamela Lein at University of California, Davis, explains how viral vaccines work - especially when it comes to human viral disease.
dementia care, family caregiving

Family caregiver training in dementia care

Here, the Department of Medicine & Therapeutics discuss family caregiver training in dementia care.
reconstructive dentistry

Reconstructive Dentistry

Here, Professor Mutlu Özcan at the University of Zurich, discusses reconstructive dentistry via the lens of new biomaterials and technologies.
contemporary medical education, healthcare

Disruptive Change in Contemporary Medical Education

Here, L. Maximilian Buja, MD, explains the nuances of disruptive change in contemporary medical education and proposes solutions.
Climate change environmental justice , climate change

Climate change, environmental justice and COVID-19

Here, Professor Pamela Lein at University of California, Davis, explains the 'perfect storm' unfolding in the intersection of climate change, environmental justice and COVID-19.
target of COVID-19, brain

The Brain: an unexpeted target of COVID-19

Here, Professor Pamela Lein at University of California, Davis, discusses the relatively unexplored issue of the human brain as a target of COVID-19.
Agile leadership during the crisis, pfalzklinikum

Agile Leadership during the crisis

Here, Pfalzklinikum discuss why agile leadership during the crisis will shape how an organisation emerges from COVID-19.
landscape of microbiology, dr elica moss

Changing the landscape of microbiology

Here, we interview Dr Elica M Moss, Research Assistant Professor at Alabama A&M University, about her work and how it seeks to change the landscape of microbiology.
contemporary medical education,

Disruptive change in contemporary medical education

Here, L. Maximilian Buja, MD, describes a disruptive change in contemporary medical education and explains the unintended consequences of that change.
COVID-19 and Africa's volatile changing epidemics landscape

COVID-19 and Africa’s volatile changing epidemics landscape

Here, SACIDS Foundation for One Health discuss the volatile changing epidemics landscape in Africa.
Mental health, pfalzklinikum

Mental health in times of the pandemic

Here, Pfalzklinikum discusses the pertinent issue of mental health in the times of the pandemic.

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