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Viruses and Cancer

Viruses and cancer: Should we be more afraid?

During the past 30 years it has become exceedingly clear that several viruses play significant roles in the development of various cancers in humans
Blue sky research ebook cover

Blue sky research: Is it worth the investment?

In his latest ebook, Professor Colin Suckling of the University of Strathclyde tackles the question: Is there any evidence that the cumulative output of research over the last 50 years has been valuable?
redefining child health for the 21st century

Redefining child health for the 21st Century: UIC Pediatrics’ strategic plan

The Department of Pediatrics at the University of Illinois, Chicago is working on redefining child health for the 21st Century
innovative strategies to address mental health crisis

Innovative strategies to address the mental health crisis

Dr Benjamin Van Voorhees from the Department of Paediatrics in the University of Illinois at Chicago, outlines innovative strategies to tackle the mental health crisis in the US
Monitoring hygiene Hygiena ebook

Hygiena: Diagnose and monitor hygiene across the hospital

The purpose of this document is to address the issues around the measurement of cleaning and its impact on the control of hygiene, infections, and the quality and cost of service delivery.
associative electronic health record software systems

Associative electronic health record software systems

As technology advances, the benefits can be seen in all different sectors. The healthcare sector, in particular, has benefited greatly from digitalisation and technology innovations. One of the key developments is the electronic health record (EHR).
CECAD ebook immunity metabolism

CECAD: Interplay between immunity and metabolism

Immunity can be defined as the ability of an organism to defend itself against invading microbes (bacteria, fungi and viruses) and the cells of its own origin which show abnormalities (e.g. cancerous cells).
The eNuk program

The eNuk program: Climate Change Impacts on Inuit Health

The Canadian North is experiencing intense and rapid socio-cultural stresses resulting from various shifts in the environment, including climate change and resource extraction and development.
Uni of Strathclyde

It’s a Question of Balance – Broadening Concepts of Drug Discovery

Professor Colin Suckling discusses drug discovery and how a linear approach is no longer relevant… Since the 1960s it’s been accepted that the way to discover new drugs is to take a well-characterised disease with a good understanding of the biological cause of the disease.
University of Texas Health

Mathematical Modeling of Drug Delivery via Nanoparticles in Cancer Treatment

Cancer is a complex and heterogeneous disease. Despite all efforts to fight cancer, it continues to impact every segment of society. For example, many patients fail conventional cancer therapies, including chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery; and it is still difficult for physicians to predict a treatment outcome with certainty.

Neurodegenerative diseases

Neurodegenerative diseases are a growing global challenge as medical advances ensures more individuals live longer. By 2020 there will be more than 40 million individuals in the world with Alzheimer’s disease and by 2040, without the development of truly disease modifying drugs this will be more than 80 million.
Dr Ginny Stewart

Point-of-care ultrasound in shortness of breath and intravenous access

Dr Stewart is is the founding Emergency Ultrasound Director and Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship Director for Riverside Medical Group.  As a practicing Emergency Physician in North Carolina, USA; Dr Stewart is also working as Assistant Professor for Eastern Virginia Medical School. Point-of-care ultrasound This educational resource is designed to provide clinicians with practical knowledge of point-of-care ultrasound that translates...

AntiCancer Fund

The Belgium-based Anticancer Fund (ACF) is a not-for-profit foundation established with the aim of expanding the range of options for treatment available to cancer patients. Combining support for scientific research with public engagement, the ACF has an international reach belying its small size. As well as advancing research on...
CHECK Project

Coordination of Healthcare for Complex Kids: CHECK

Multiple streams of change are impacting the provision of healthcare services in the United States and beyond. First is a renewed focus on the importance of addressing the social determinants of health on par with clinical care. Second is an increasing recognition of the negative consequences of failing to...
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Application of Mathematical Pathology

Mathematics pathology is a research branch of pathology in which mathematics and physical principals are applied to the study of diseases. In this field of cancer research, the objective of mathematical pathology is to explain the structural and functional mechanisms that control cancer. By understanding these mechanisms, we can provide...
University of Calgary

University of Calgary-Faculty of Kinesiology

Tying down the number of steps kids take is not a simple thing to do and poses more than just a few challenges. Yet, the measure of physical activity has the potential to be a very useful tool in countering the obesity epidemic. The ebook highlights how the University of...

Haukeland University Hospital

Norway has more than 30,000 new cancer cases per year, and the number is rising. Advances in cancer care have led to more patients being cured or living longer with their disease. Still, the country has close to 11,000 cancer deaths per year. With the country’s first national cancer plan...
Department of Nursing & Indigenous Studies

Department of Nursing & Indigenous Studies

The Circumpolar North is one of the most rapidly-changing places on earth, warming at over twice the global average, and in some regions at excess of 3ºC. This has led to disruptions for the indigenous people living in the Circumpolar North, including Inuit in North Canada.
There is widespread recognition today that lifestyle behaviours play a significant role in health, accounting for upwards of 50% of many diseases. The Heart & Mind Research Unit in Behavioural and Complimentary Medicine at the Montreal Heart Institute seeks to understand what and how psychosocial and psychophysiological factors impact health, with the goal to apply this knowledge in improving wellbeing and preventing disease.

Heart & Mind: Research Unit in Behavioural & Complementary Medicine

There is widespread recognition today that lifestyle behaviours play a significant role in health, accounting for upwards of 50% of many diseases. The Heart & Mind Research Unit in Behavioural and Complimentary Medicine at the Montreal Heart Institute seeks to understand what and how psychosocial and psychophysiological factors impact...
Esbjerg Kommune

Esbjerg Kommune

In the municipality of Esbjerg there are 2,000-3,000 people with a physical, social, mental or sensory impairment which impacts on their everyday life. Under the Danish Act on Social Services, the municipality must provide support and assistance to these individuals to enable them to lead fulfilling lives alongside their...

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