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Advocacy provocateur – a challenge and a call to advocates

Given the range of advocacy on offer, things have never looked better. However, Kate Mercer Training highlights three areas where improvements could be made

PLACEmaking Smart Working

Alison White from White Workplace consulting reveals 20 years of wisdom into smart working practices in this fascinating ebook


People see Lean Six Sigma as a massive toolbox. It is much more than that. It is true that there are many, many tools that can be used to bring about improvements, but the real objective of Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is to bring about changes in behaviour –...


Safe behaviour in a workplace is critical in order for an organisation to run effectible and efficiently. Research by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) has shown that up to 80% of work related accidents are caused by employees’ behaviour.  Behavioural safety is a tool that aims...

Pfalzklinkum für Psychiatrie

SyWiK is the German abbreviation for "Systematic and Participatory Further Education in Hospital". In this context, Pfalzklinikum cooperates with Landau-Südlliche Weinstraße Clinical Center, Frankenthal City Hospital and Pirmasens Municipal Hospital. SyWiK is a social partner project promoted by the European Social Fund and the German Federal Ministry of Labor...

H3 Partners

All business, in whatever the state of development and maturity will use business processes to deliver services and goods to their customers. These processes evolve over time as companies and public bodies become more mature, complex with embedded fixes for problems in the past and are conducted with implicit...

H3 Partners

The purpose of performance management has been described as establishing ‘shared understanding about what is to be achieved and…. ensure that it is achieved”. It is certainly far broader than a line manager running through an annual appraisal form, or even taking a member of staff to one side...
Beacon Research eBook

Beacon Research

Animal by-products (ABP) are an important and potentially valuable aspect of the livestock food production chain and are described in many parts of the world as the “Fifth Quarter”. This description relates to the fact that many animals slaughtered for food (meat) are split into four quarters as part of...

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