Smart Working: Preparing for a digital future

In this ebook, Alison White from PLACEmaking lifts the lid on Smart Working practices and reveals her thoughts on preparing both people and places for the digital future

Alison provides her expertise, as a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience around the changing demands of the working environment. Today, she leads teams of multi-skilled consultants to deliver end-to-end and leading-edge workplace solutions, in both the private and public sectors.

This e-book also offers a complete guide to successfully implementing Smart Working. We learn that adopting Smart Working and modern working practices mean more than just shrinking the office estate and investing in digital services.

This guide goes on to say that, “with rapid and continuous change in the way that we work and trends emerging that signals reduced dependency on traditional office buildings, the challenge is what to hold on to, what to shed and where to invest precious resources so that the remaining estate is more than just ‘fit for purpose’.”

New technology

When it comes to working practices, PLACEmaking reveals that these have changed. In the public sector, this change has been largely driven by the government’s demand for cost savings and commitment to modernising government via the Cabinet Office led ‘digital by default strategy’, we find out.

In addition, the benefits of modern technology such as mobile computing, wireless connectivity and remote access have enabled many, “to work beyond physical walls and shrug off traditional grade-based office environments and out of date working practices” we discover.

The e-book concludes by painting an optimistic picture of the future of Smarter Working. If an amazing office can be designed, what factors would pull of away from, “warm high street coffee chains where we can happily function with our mobile devices and cloud server access”? This is certainly food for thought, as we ponder the exciting digital future that is in store for all of us.


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