Pfalzklinkum für Psychiatrie

SyWiK is the German abbreviation for “Systematic and Participatory Further Education in Hospital”. In this context, Pfalzklinikum cooperates with Landau-Südlliche Weinstraße Clinical Center, Frankenthal City Hospital and Pirmasens Municipal Hospital. SyWiK is a social partner project promoted by the European Social Fund and the German Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and implemented as part of the initiative “weiter bilden” (“keep on educating”).

A total of €140m is invested in the further education of employees in Germany, and Pfalzaklinikum saw the SyWiK project as an opportunity to familiarize its employees with its Company Health Management (CHM) in order for them to benefit. The duration of the SyWiK project is 33 months and is led by Pfalzaklinikum and its partner, partner  “maxQ. im bfw – Unternehmen für Bildung” (an institution for advanced job training). This e-book gives an overview of how Pfalzklinikum is participating with SyWiK and why…


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