Is smart working contributing to the rising levels of employee unhappiness?

In this detailed insight from Placemaking, we find out if smart working is contributing to the rising levels of employee unhappiness and dissatisfaction

According to one study, there has been a 20% drop in workplace happiness during the past three years. Many were so dissatisfied, that they struggled out to get out of bed and 79% said they cannot recall any positive experiences from their employment during one month.

Despite such negative reports, should we surprised at this trend? Perhaps commuting is exhausting and office spaces are dull? Over the last five years, the adoption of smart working has increased but one wonders if this is contributing to employee unhappiness?

Mobile technologies and remote to digitally stored information have certainly increased which have helped some to employ more flexible working practices to fit around their other responsibilities, such as family. As such, the demand for office space has decreased according to the author.

Therefore, smart working is said to encourage better use of space and technology, something that would be on the mind of smart business leaders today. Towards the end of this in-depth article, our attention is drawn to the fact that we are now in a transitional period that involves a move from traditional to new ways of working. We certainly need to be in a modern and adaptable workplace where we can enjoy the benefits of stimulating company and learning from others, for example.

Improving employees’ performance

In a special piece of bonus content, Dr Shahnaz Hamid, Programme Leader at Interactive Pro, tells us how smarter working improves employees’ performance. One of his key points is that the massive growth of technology and globalisation processes have led businesses to break borders and find new ways of improving their employees’ performance. The response is, therefore, smarter working, which is defined here, as well as recommendations for achieving it and his thoughts on how organisational performance can be enhanced in this vein.

I hope you enjoy the many thought-provoking insights offered here.


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