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travel time, MoTiV

The Value of Travel Time

Here, MoTiV discuss the value of choosing different modes of transport and the importance of travel time.
green transport, low emission

Green Transport – Hydrogen on trial

Here, several common questions about the viability of green transport in the imminent future are discussed in depth.

Znapz look to the future to modernise the rail industry

Znapz experts are looking for innovative ways to modernise the rail industry using asset management systems

EUFAR promotes airborne research

EUFAR supports and develops airborne research projects to boost earth system understanding and weather prediction innovation in Europe

Aircraft loads: What are they and why are they important?

Many aerospace engineering degree courses do not focus on aircraft loads, despite its importance. The ALPES project is changing this via new technologies

Arctech Helsinki Shipyard Inc

Helsinki shipyard is the centre of excellence in designing and building complex arctic vessels. Icebreakers have been built in Helsinki for over 100 years, and Helsinki Shipyard has delivered about 60% of the icebreakers in operation around the world.
IDOPS Cooperation

IDOPS Cooperative

One of the most versatile technologies for newly planned parking facilities is the BEST PARKING SYSTEM, which can accommodate hundreds of cars. The system is perfectly suited to underground garages for areas where space is at a premium – in the central parts of urbanised areas e.g. under parkland, near...


The rail industry is a world in motion. The rail market is probably the most competitive in the transport sector today. However, it is not always seen this way, but when you really consider rail travel it is: Environmentally friendly; scalable; efficient, and economical. We see more investments in...

Trustper A/S

This concept is 'green'. Devised in a cost-efficient way to primarily preserve ballast tanks and void space using a 3-step work and progress procedure.

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