Znapz look to the future to modernise the rail industry

Znapz experts are looking for innovative ways to modernise the rail industry using asset management systems

The rail industry is one that is reinventing itself quickly and completely. With rail being one of the more popular choices for transport in the last few years, the industry and rail companies are being forced to reconsider the product they bring to the market. The adage “The train takes you from a place where you are not, to a place where you don’t want to be” has gone out of the window. Information and data are key ingredients to developing the rail industry into a modern transport which is in high demand.

In order to modernise existing infrastructure and trains as well as improving services, asset management is a key tool for this process. Many rail companies are adopting asset management, many of which are using the ISO 55000 standard. This helps especially companies with ageing assets, especially to deliver obligations under the guidance of a governing body. The Institute of Asset Management has a very good education programme for certification and diploma level, to get the terms educated to the requirements and benefits of asset management.

Putting the passenger first

In order to move away from the adage, rail companies should consider how they can offer a full transport service for the passenger. This service will go from the location they are, to the location they want to get to, at a time they want to travel. Not all rail companies operate in the same environment, however. The Netherlands and the Swiss have the highest density in the network and even these rail companies have vast differences in how they operate.

Znapz are experts in asset management, specifically in the rail industry. Their objective is to deliver the best asset management information systems to its customers to enable them to do full asset management. Znapz supports organisations within the rail industry on their journey to learn about asset management.


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