The rail industry is a world in motion. The rail market is probably the most competitive in the transport sector today. However, it is not always seen this way, but when you really consider rail travel it is: Environmentally friendly; scalable; efficient, and economical. We see more investments in rail that we have ever seen before in our history. These investments need to be well protected and this is where Asset Management really comes into play.

Infrastructure managers and railway projects have had to adapt a more business-like approach towards cost and performance, in order to ensure their projects are effective and efficient to meet the ongoing challenges.

Effective asset management is important to support the delivery of infrastructure that supports the current timetable safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Implementing an asset management strategy can be key to ensuring organisations long-term approach defines how the infrastructure is required to perform. The strategy should also set out how the asset management system will be implemented, and how organisational design will support the implementation of asset management. Here Znapz explains more…


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