Why are young employees rejecting traditional offices?

PLACEmaking provides a detailed insight into the decline of young workers accepting jobs in traditional offices, highlighting the need for employers to adapt to the modern working world

According to a study by Mindspace, 21% of 18-24 years olds have rejected a job offer due to the outdated design and lack of facilities in the employer’s offices. As well as this, most under 25s believe that the technology they are provided with is “terrible”, resulting in most purchasing their own equipment or being unable to function at full capacity.

But how important is it that our workspaces are modernised to keep up with the expectations of millennials? Surely, they should be grateful for any job opportunities sent their way?

Well, not everyone would agree. With young people being the future of the working world, perhaps we should be listening to their suggestions. If improving working environments enhances productivity, it should be businesses priority to invest in new spaces, technology and more, particularly those that are currently recruiting.

While the rest of the world has progressed, it seems that offices have been left behind but now is the time to change. Please enjoy this ebook full of even more thought-provoking points on the traditional office.


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