Specific Language Impairment in children

In this absorbing e-book, Mabel L. Rice from the University of Kansas highlights specific language impairment and why it often goes unrecognised

Children with Specific Language Impairment (SLI) are at high risk for lower academic achievement relative to age peers, to encounter difficulties establishing social relationships and to end their education at high school completion, we find out in this special e-book.

In addition, the author underscores the importance of viewing SLI as an important public health issue, even though it has a very low profile in today’s public health forums. Having said that, we learn that the Healthy People 2020 initiative in the U.S., developed by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion is an exception.

This e-book also underlines the intrinsic value of language in today’s world. Indeed, in modern societies, the ability to use it well is becoming increasingly important for a variety of life interactions.

“It is crucial for the effective use of electronic media, understanding the many documents of the modern world, mastering an academic curriculum, advocating for oneself whether in childhood disputes or threatening situations, in applying for a first job, health literacy, and engaging in the interactions of commerce” the author explains.

Mabel L. Rice also stresses that public policy expertise is vital for a better understanding of the social and economic consequences of SLI, as well possible treatment options. “Conversely, a better understanding of SLI is vital for the necessary studies of public policy that bear on this important condition,” she tells us.

Finally, this e-book also lifts the lid on how the language of children with specific language impairment differs from typical children, not to mention many more fascinating insights, including the developmental condition known as “language impairments”. We also discover what the language of twins reveals about children with specific language impairment, as part of what I hope you find to be a very useful e-book.


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