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Within, Open Access Government’s Health and Social Care news section, we offer a variety of diverse material. With a focus on the most noteworthy stories in the sector from around the world.

Providing information on the most popular and interesting topics such as the NHS digital transformation and its ongoing developments along with the latest research on diabetes, rare diseases and potential cures. This section also offers articles on the funding to healthcare services and has a strong focus on mental health issues/research and much more.

This category also offers information on how environmental changes are affecting peoples health today along with how the LGBT community deals with health stigma surrounding it.

patients with diabetes, COVID-19

Impact of COVID-19 on healthcare for patients with diabetes

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechVision Group considers how the standard of healthcare for patients with diabetes is impacted by COVID-19.
blood pressure medicines, american

Blood pressure medicines do not increase chance of COVID-19 death

Though heart damage plays a role in how someone deals with COVID-19, researchers at the American Heart Association found that blood pressure medicines don't impact your chances.

Britain’s obesity plan: The top three ways we can transform our health

Stephen Jones, CEO and Co-Founder at Nourish Fit Food, discusses how Britain's obesity plan will continue to fail unless the concept of health itself is radically redefined.

Are unreported falls the missing data key to improving elderly care?

Barak Katz, General Manager at Essence Smartcare, reveals how the information we currently aren’t collecting could revolutionise the effect falls have on the victims and their care networks.
post-brexit era

Healthcare in the post-Brexit era 

With only 2 months to go, Nicholas Kelly, CEO, Axela Ltd, discusses what needs to be done now in order to prepare healthcare services for the post-Brexit era.
AI in Health and Care Award

Applications for the second round of the AI in Health and Care Award open

The NHS has announced that applications for the second round of the AI in Health and Care Award are now open.
COVID-19 testing

First whole city COVID-19 testing to launch in Liverpool

In the first pilot of whole city testing, residents and workers in Liverpool will be offered COVID-19 testing, whether they have symptoms or not.
hospital floors

Hospital floors are a breeding ground for bacteria

Findings from a new study have cites that hospital floors are a hotspot for bacteria to breed, creating a route of transfer to patients.
Black communities

Black communities to receive COVID-19 information via new app

A cardiologist from the University of Cincinnati is partnering with researchers in St. Louis and rural Georgia to develop a smartphone app that will deliver COVID-19 information and education to Black communities.
US health insurance coverage, deaths

Decrease in US health insurance coverage led to 25,180 deaths

US health insurance coverage decreased significantly, resulting in 25,180 excess deaths before COVID - researchers say this number will triple if the Affordable Care Act is overturned.
limit the spread

Commission launches additional measures to limit the spread of COVID-19

The European Commission is launching an additional set of actions to help limit the spread of the coronavirus and save lives.
stroke drugs

NHS saves millions on highly effective stroke drugs

Researchers from the Health Economics Unit and University of Leeds looked at the cost of treating strokes and found that the drugs prescribed are so effective they save the NHS money.
people with disabilities, health policy

The ignored healthcare perspective of people with disabilities

A new study in the US shows that people with disabilities view healthcare as a human right and believe that this perspective does translate to policy-makers.
UK COVID-19 vaccine, china

When is the UK COVID-19 vaccine going to be ready?

While AstraZeneca and Oxford University continue to work on a UK COVID-19 vaccine, what about the rest of the world?
rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Novel biomarkers predict response to rheumatoid arthritis treatment

A new study, led by researchers at Queen Mary University of London, uses novel biomarkers to predict patient responsiveness to rheumatoid arthritis treatment.

Study finds antibody response to COVID-19 reduces over time

The largest at-home antibody study for COVID-19 has found that the number of people with antibodies fell by 26.5% after infection.
lung cancer chemotherapy, US healthcare

US healthcare: Black people less likely to receive lung cancer chemotherapy

Boston Medical Center researchers found that Black individuals, above all other racial groups, are less likely to receive lung cancer chemotherapy.
Child influencers

Child influencers promote unhealthy food on YouTube channels

Researchers at NYU School of Global Public Health and NYU Grossman School of Medicine have warned against the dangers of child influences promoting unhealthy food and drinks on their YouTube channels.
prescribed the wrong drugs, hospital

US healthcare: 34% of older people could be prescribed the wrong drugs

A new study found that it costs patients over $450 a year when they are prescribed the wrong drugs, making them twice as likely to go to hospital.
GP consultations

Are remote GP consultations here to stay?

Dr Owain Rhys Hughes, founder and CEO of Cinapsis, explores how remote GP consultations are providing opportunities for both patients and the NHS.

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