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soil health management, agricultural practices

Real-time soil health management for sustained agriculture practices

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, Frost & Sullivan, turns the spotlight onto continuous and real-time soil health management, which are critical for sustained agriculture practices.

Biology: Helping nature fight back against mass extinction

Nigel Whittle FRSB – Head of Medical & Healthcare at Plextek, describes the importance of helping nature fight back against mass extinction
gene soybean, farming

Team discovers crucial gene in soybean, after 30 year hunt

The University of Illinois team have figured out which gene controls protein content in soybeans - a breakthrough for global food security.
livestock production

A perspective on industrial livestock production

Peter Stevenson OBE, Chief Policy Advisor from Compassion in World Farming, provides a perspective on industrial livestock production
thai jasmine rice, farming

How DNA technology helps control the premium quality of Thai Hom Mali Rice

Professor Dr Apichart Vanavichit, at the Rice Science Center, explains how DNA technology can create a high-quality Thai Jasmine Rice.
soil sensors, ai technology

AI soil sensors could minimise fertiliser use in agriculture

Smart sensor AI technology can reduce environmental damage created by fertilisers, allowing farmers to use fertilisers less, and more effectively.
marine food production

Polyculture farming for marine aquaculture’s climate impact

Researchers looking at the climate impact of aquaculture find that food production can sustain a lower carbon footprint - with polyculture farming techniques.
genetic instructions

Study finds genetic instructions for cells that aid crop climate tolerance

A new US study funded by the National Science Foundation, reveals how plants resist climate stressors like flooding or drought.
swine fever

In Puerto Rico, USDA holds the line on African swine fever

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, explains here how in Puerto Rico, they hold the line on African swine fever (ASF)
resource-efficient, agriculture

Solutions to produce food sustainably

Bengt Fellbe, Program Leader, SSEC, Swedish Surplus Energy Collaboration, explores solutions to produce food sustainably, as well as the challenges.

Lab-grown coffee & cellular agriculture: The next food revolution

Heiko Rischer, Research Team Leader, VTT, argues here that lab-grown coffee and cellular agriculture represent the next food revolution A tasty cup of coffee through...
up-cycling shrimp

Up-cycling of shrimp side-streams for food & health food products

Professor Jacobsen, Scientist, Ali Jafarpour, Assistant Professor, Federico Casanova & Nina Gringer evaluate up-cycling in the shrimp peeling industry
optical sensing, crop management

Optical sensing in 21st-century precision crop management

Here, we find out about the research of Christian Nansen from UC Davis, Department of Entomology and Nematology in California concerning spectral repeatability – that is cracking the code to unleash optical sensing in 21st-century precision crop management.
supply and demand

The need for strengthening food supply chains in a post pandemic society

With the outbreak of the pandemic, supply and demand a became key issue around the globe for many sectors. The agricultural market was no different.
food system sustainability

Understanding the different roads to food system sustainability

Executive Director, U.S. Sustainability Alliance navigates the task of global food production sustainability, illustrating there is more than one approach.
farming productivity

£27 million investment for farming productivity equipment

An investment for £27 million will go to productivity-boosting equipment in the farming industry, helping the UK farm more sustainably and move toward net zero strategies.
USA Rice, china

Rice: The little world traveller

Sarah Moran, Vice President, International from USA Rice, walks us through what we need to know about rice, the little world traveller
baltic fish stocks, fishing

European Council agrees use of Baltic fish stocks for 2022

Yesterday (11 October), EU farming and fisheries ministers decided on the use of Baltic fish stocks in 2022 - including access to a species in UK waters.
factory farming

Factory farming, zoonotic disease and the risk of pandemics

Compassion in World Farming Research Manager dissects some of the dangers of the factory farming industry, discussing the spread of zoonotic diseases.
flood mapping tool, agricultural planning

Flood-mapping tool could change how agricultural planning works

A new flood-mapping tool, containing data from 1985 to now, could be what people need for agricultural planning that protects food security.

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