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We cover stories on research to improve workplace staff productivity and employee stress levels to help combat the fear of ’employee burning out’. With expert opinions from companies around the country, you can find articles on workplace benefits and the positives to flexible working hours.

Also available are articles concerning compliance to HR and the problems surrounding gender discrimination and inequality.

recruitment during COVID-19, GISMA

Recruitment during COVID-19: Managing your resources

Dr Gabriela Whitehead, Head of Digital Transformation and Process Management at GISMA Business School turns the spotlight on recruitment during COVID-19, including comment on managing resources.
behavioural strategies

Using behavioural strategies to get the best out of remote teams

Rosie Evans, Behavioural Scientist at CoachHub, discusses the cognitive changes caused by working from home and shares her behavioural strategies for making sure that both remote and on-site teams are able to collaborate, engage, and work as well as they do in person.
minimum wage protection

European Commission proposes adequate minimum wage protection for workers

The European Commission has proposed an EU Directive to ensure that the workers across all Member States are protected by adequate minimum wages.
flexible workspace

Are flexible workspaces the answer to Britain’s ailing high street?

Richard Morris, director at technologywithin, explores whether flexible workspaces could be the solution for ailing retailers.
become happier

How to become happier and more productive while working from home

Roger James Hamilton, CEO, Genius Group, shares his top 5 tips to help you become happier, healthier and more productive while working from home
set up as a freelancer

How to successfully set up as a freelancer

Dave Chaplin, CEO and founder of ContractorCalculator, and author of The Contractors’ Handbook – Third Edition, shares his advice on how to set up as a freelancer as more people opt to work for themselves during the current economic climate.

How to recruit during a pandemic

Ben Harper, CEO & Founder of meethugo, walks us through how to recruit the right talent during the pandemic.
evolution of working

The evolution of working from home

Ashmita Das, CEO of Kolabtree, shares her thoughts on the evolution of working from home and how the trend will build a more flexible future.
continuity and succession

Why continuity and succession planning is crucial for businesses right now

Chris Allen, a Chartered Wealth Planner at Arbuthnot Latham, explains why it is crucial for businesses to review continuity and succession plans at this current time.
Parental support

Parental support is for life, not just for parental leave

Lucinda Quigley, Head of Working Parents at Talking Talent, discusses the ways in which businesses can support their working parents beyond the initial stage of parenthood and help them establish a healthy work-life balance.
skilled workers

Employers must act quickly to recruit skilled workers from the EU

Mini Setty, partner at Langleys Solicitors, explains why employers need to act quickly if they want to avoid falling foul of Brexit-related barriers to recruitment skilled workers from the EU.
exceptional customer service

The art of delivering exceptional customer service in times of crisis

Joanna Swash, CEO of Moneypenny, shares how businesses can ensure that they deliver exceptional customer service during these unsettling times.
furloughed staff

What is the best way to ‘re-onboard’ furloughed staff?

Paul Sleath, CEO at PEO Worldwide, explores what the best approach is when handling the re-onboarding process of furloughed staff.
second lockdown

5 tips to pivot your business in anticipation of a second lockdown

Mike Jordan, CEO of Summit Defence, has put together five tips to help your business not only survive a second lockdown but thrive.
Career-enhancing skills

Career-enhancing skills to harness for 2021 and beyond

Greg Orme author of The Human Edge, shares his tips on how to unlock and nurture our unique talents to help us communicate effectively now we’re all working remotely.
culture of work

The role of video conferencing for embracing the new culture of work

Nigel Penny, Public Sector Video Collaboration Specialist, UK & IRL, Logitech, explores how the UK government’s Department for Work and Pensions worked with Logitech to prepare their offices and teams for a more flexible way of working, which proved a saving grace when the pandemic hit.
parental balance, parental balance at work

Are we any closer now in achieving true parental balance at work?

In recognition of National Work Life week, Han Son Lee, Founder of Daddilife, explores whether we are any closer to achieving true parental balance at work, or not.
culture of trust

How to make remote working, work and create a culture of trust

Myles Leach, MD, NFON UK, shares 5 tops tips on ‘how to make remote working, work,’ which will have a focus on creating a culture of trust between employees.
create change, black lives matter

Racism: The importance of listening to create change

Robbie Green, The Working Mom’s Coach and Coach at Talking Talent, discusses how to create change in the contemporary climate of racism.
safety in the workplace, public sector

Health and safety in the workplace, when the workplace is home

With scientists predicting a sharp increase in COVID-19 infections, on 22nd September 2020 the UK Government announced a new round of measures to “confront the COVID-19 virus”

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