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Within the Open Access Government Finance News section, you can find a wide variety of information on the changes in the financial sector.

We often explore the development of digital banking and the future of Fintech, along with the World Bank and World Trade Organisations (WTO) stories. You can also find expert opinions on many popular topics within this category along with insights into the financial changes in other countries.

This category also covers poverty and pensions in the UK along with any legal changes to financial law. Up to date articles are available on fiscal policy and trade wars within the sector.


Using the private sector to recover supplier overpayment

Glenn St. John-Colgan, Managing Partner at Augmentas Group, takes a look at a recent UK initiative to recover money owed from suppliers and considers its implications.
pension industry

What does the Budget have in store for the pension industry?

Andrew Megson, Executive Chairman, My Pension Expert, discusses what the pension industry hopes to see from the Budget 2021 and explains what the touted changes could mean for UK savers.
lockdown grants

What support is available to businesses not eligible for new lockdown grants?

Michael Foote, Director of Quote Goat, discusses what financial support is available for businesses that aren't eligible for the government's new lockdown grants, including the Self Employed Income Support Scheme.
disability allowance, disability benefits

42% of people on disability allowance live in poverty

The Social Market Foundation report found that 42% of families who rely on disability allowance are simultaneously living in poverty.

Future proofing Academy finances post-COVID-19

Pam Tuckett, Head of Education at Bishop Fleming, stresses why it is crucial for Trusts to approve budgets that enable them to be agile, to cope with the constantly changing demands on the sector.
remote cash recovery

University challenge: Remote cash recovery

Rockford Associates Limited walks us through a challenge for Royal Holloway – University of London, remote cash recovery.
first time buyers

Advice for first time buyers ahead of the new financial year

Kier Living break down some of the crucial details that first time buyers need to consider before buying a home ahead of the new financial year.
umbrella company

How does the Off-Payroll legislation effect umbrella companies?

Crawford Temple, CEO and founder of Professional Passport, outlines what an umbrella company is and how the umbrella model works with reference to the Off-Payroll legislation changes.
debt collection

Managing debt collection in the wake of the pandemic

Brian Holden, Global Director of Financial Services at SAS UK & Ireland, explores the potential of the UK Government managing debt collection in the wake of the pandemic.
green finance

UK invests £10 million in a new national green finance research centre

The UK is investing £10 million in a new national green finance research centre that will advise lenders, investors and insurers to make environmentally sustainable decisions.
housing association

What does the UK’s Housing Association bring to the Economy?

Here, Believe Housing, explain what benefits the UK's Housing Association can bring to the UK economy.
post-Brexit economy

A post-Brexit economy: Where do we go next?

Institute of Economic Development Executive Director Nigel Wilcock and Director Paul Frainer discuss economic life in the UK after leaving the European Union.
retail and hospitality

How has the pandemic changed the insolvency landscape of retail and hospitality

Edward Wade, Content Author and Technical SEO at Wilson Field, explores how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the insolvency landscape of the retail and hospitality sector.
insurance claims

Coronavirus-related business interruption insurance claims

Jade Brooks, an associate solicitor at Blaser Mills Law, responds to The Supreme Court’s ruling on coronavirus-related business interruption insurance claims and discusses what it means for policyholders.
climate change in south africa, labour

Climate change in South Africa could cost up to 20% of GDP

The impact of climate change in South Africa can be seen in economic productivity, healthcare outcomes and labour availability - but what could it cost the population in the future, if left unchecked? 
finance world, Dirk Schoenmaker

How can the finance world transition into sustainable investment?

Professor Dirk Schoenmaker discusses how the world of finance is just beginning to acknowledge to the idea of sustainability - here, he explores what the future could bring.
interest rates

Will negative interest rates jeopardise Britons’ financial futures?

John Ellmore, Director of NerdWallet, explains what negative interest rates could mean for savers, and the steps they can take to make their money work harder, in spite of the testing economic climate.
essential bills

Guidance for households struggling to pay essential bills

The UK Government has outlined guidance for those concerned about paying utility bills or repaying credit cards, loans or mortgages due to the impact of coronavirus.
retail industry

COVID-19 and contactless: Is the retail industry ready for a cashless society?

Here, Richard Cox, managing director of Langley Business Systems, discusses whether the retail industry is ready for a cashless society as COVID-19 spearheads contactless payments.
rural enterprise, northern

Unlocking the contribution of rural enterprise to ‘levelling up’

Professor Jeremy Phillipson, Director of the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise and Paddy Bradley, CEO of Swindon and Wiltshire LEP explain their thoughts on unlocking the contribution of rural enterprise and “levelling up”.

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