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Within the Open Access Government Finance News section, you can find a wide variety of information on the changes in the financial sector.

We often explore the development of digital banking and the future of Fintech, along with the World Bank and World Trade Organisations (WTO) stories. You can also find expert opinions on many popular topics within this category along with insights into the financial changes in other countries.

This category also covers poverty and pensions in the UK along with any legal changes to financial law. Up to date articles are available on fiscal policy and trade wars within the sector.


How to stay Off-Payroll compliant so that firms can hire with confidence

Dave Chaplin, CEO of IR35 Shield and author of IR35 & Off-Payroll Explained, urges hirers to act now and prepare for the new Off-Payroll legislation.
small business owner

How to survive a crisis as a small business owner

Tim Vine, Head of Credit Intelligence at Dun & Bradstreet, provides tips on how UK SMEs - that now face unprecedented operational and cash flow issues - can look to stay afloat in turbulent times.
costly risks

5 costly risks freelancers face whilst working from home

Liam Greene from Markel Direct, experts in professional indemnity insurance, detail the top 5 costly risks that arise when freelancers work from home.
importance of Swindon and Wiltshire

Constant reinvention: The strategic locational importance of Swindon and Wiltshire

Paddy Bradley, Director of Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership, underlines the strategic locational importance of Swindon and Wiltshire in the UK.
personal finance industry

The evolution of the personal finance industry, and where it is headed

John Ellmore, Director of, explores how technology has driven such dramatic change within the personal finance industry.
finCEN files, dow jones

Not as bad as they look: What the FinCEN Files really reveal

Maria Nizzero, Research Editor at Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, gives their opinion on the real impact of the FinCEN Files.
bounce back loan

Bounce Back Loan Scheme: How can it help my company?

Here we discuss how the Bounce Back Loan Scheme works, and how it may help your company amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
development in africa

Spurring economic development in Africa

Jonathan Miles, Editor of Open Access Government, charts the importance of economic development in Africa despite COVID-19.
AP operations, AP

Combatting Fraud: A proactive approach to AP operations

Here, Fiscal Technologies offers insight and a unique solution to turn AP from reactive to proactive to defend against fraud and error.
EU long-term budget

The European Commission’s next EU long-term budget

Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Budget and Administration charts his priorities for the next EU long-term budget and the impact of COVID-19 on the Union.
shift in procurement

A dynamic shift in procurement

Paul Smith, Deputy Managing Director at YPO, discusses the importance of Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) to local authorities in a COVID-19 landscape in this procurement spotlight.
stormy economies

PE must chart stormy economies to capitalise on choice companies

Seasoned PE expert Martin Soderberg, Partner at SPEAR Capital says that private equity must chart stormy economies to capitalise on choice companies.
procurement fraud

Continuous monitoring could help prevent procurement fraud

Laurent Colombant, Continuous Controls and Fraud Manager at SAS, explores the role of continuous monitoring systems in helping organisations resolve procurement fraud.
pension pot

Protecting your pension pot, post-COVID 19

Andrew Megson, executive chairman, My Pension Expert, discusses the financial pressures brought about by the coronavirus, and how consumers can plan for retirement and protect their pension pot in such uncertain times.
Uk recession, UK economy

Covid-19: UK falls into recession for the first time in 11 years

The COVID-19 outbreak caused the UK to enter the deepest recession since records began, with GDP falling a staggering 20.4%.
leicester garment sector, supply chain

What can the Leicester garment sector fallout teach us about supply chain risks?

Gavin Proudley, Global Director, Due Diligence and Managed Services at Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, discusses supply chain risks and the Leicester garment sector.
reshape supply chains

How COVID-19 will reshape supply chains across the economy

Philip Ashton, CEO of 7bridges, discusses how COVID-19 will reshape supply chains across the economy.
reshape the economy

Reshaping the economy to put people first

Jane Aslanidis, Senior Manager at the Centre for Public Impact, discusses the urgent need to reshape the economy to put people first.
restore consumer confidence

Could tech restore consumer confidence and help rebuild the economy?

Steve Ainsworth, director of operational safety at Northgate Public Services, explores how technology created for tasks such as policing and crowd management could be used to re-build consumer confidence.
financial anxiety

How to overcome financial anxiety during economic uncertainty

UK adults are suffering from severe anxiety because of their financial circumstances. Here, John Ellmore, Director,, explores how consumers can keep their finances under control through this stressful time.

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