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COVID-19 recovery, towns fund

Community businesses can increase employment in the COVID-19 recovery

Vidhya Alakeson, Chief Executive at Power to Change, discusses the power of community when it comes to an economic COVID-19 recovery.
brexit and COVID anxieties, COVID-19

Brexit and COVID anxieties create 25% drop in British exports

According to recent data analysis, Brexit and COVID anxieties have created tangible decreases in how many commodities leave the UK.
off-payroll working

IR35: Understanding the changes to off-payroll working

Caroline Vooght, director at Expion Search & Selection focusses on the importance that both businesses and contractors understand the new rules around off-payroll working, also known as IR35, as recent changes come into effect next April.
cheaper medicine, companies

Commission fines €60.5 million to pharma companies stopping cheaper medicine

Teva and Cephalon faced the €60.5 million antitrust fine, after both companies were found to be actively suppressing the existence of cheaper medicine.
alternative finance

How can alternative finance help your business during difficult times?

Scott Donnelly, CEO, CapitalBox, discusses how alternative finance can offer support to SMEs during uncertain times.
COVID-19 vaccine, TRIPS agreement

TRIPS agreement: A waiver makes the COVID-19 vaccine more accessible

Rachel Thrasher, Research Fellow at the Global Development Policy Center in Boston, says this time is different and the TRIPS Council knows it - the COVID-19 vaccine needs to be freely accessible to all countries.
COVID-impacted businesses, EU

European Commission gives €120 million to COVID-impacted businesses

The Commission approved €120 million for the Luxembourg scheme, which will fund COVID-impacted businesses that are still struggling to function.
COVID in myanmar, food

Second wave of COVID in Myanmar takes poverty level to 62%

The impact of COVID in Myanmar can be measured in the vindictively fast onset of poverty - with one third of households earning no money for the month.
Rural relevance

Rural relevance to economic levelling up

Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Development, lifts the lid on rural relevance to economic levelling up.
Financial exclusion

Money troubles: Financial exclusion and COVID-19

Global financial exclusion rates are on the rise thanks to the COVID-19 crisis. Matt Adam, chief executive, We Are Digital, outlines five ways we can solve the world’s money troubles as we head back into lockdown.
antitrust investigation into amazon, european commission

European Commission begins antitrust investigation into Amazon

Antitrust laws exist to stop big companies from creating monopolies - with a new antitrust investigation into Amazon, the European Commission raises growing concerns of legal missteps by the tech giant.
cost of COVID-19, brexit

What is the cost of COVID-19 in the UK?

The total financial cost of COVID-19 won’t be known until after the crisis is over - but we can look into the available data and piece something together.

Furlough scheme and mortgage holidays extended as UK enters second lockdown

The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and Mortgage payment holidays have been extended for a further month following the Government's announcement of a second national lockdown.
R&D tax credits

The Information and Communications sector thrives from R&D Tax Credits

Barrie Dowsett from Myriad Associates explores how R&D Tax Credits have enabled the Information and Communications sector to thrive since 2017.
UK and India

UK and India strengthen economic ties to boost jobs and investment

Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, and the Indian Minister of Finance, Nirmala Sitharaman have agreed to strengthen the economic relationship between India and the UK to boost jobs and investment.
economic situation

EU citizens place economic situation as top concern

In the latest Standard Eurobarometer survey, European citizens identify the economic situation, the state of Member States' public finances and immigration as the three top concerns.
new employment platform, NP11

NP11 launch new employment platform for the North

The North versus South narrative is currently making headlines - in the middle of the chaos, NP11 is launching a new employment platform
Personal Service Company

Advice for contractors closing down their Personal Service Company

John Bell, chartered accountant, insolvency practitioner and Director of Clarke Bell, shares his advice for contractors who are faced with the decision of closing down their Personal Service Company (PSC).
fraud challenge

How can the UK tackle the upcoming fraud challenge?

Simon Dennis, Director, Future Government and AI Evangelist , SAS UK, discusses how the UK can face a new and more widespread fraud challenge.
company audits

How important are early company audits?

In this finance focus, we consider why early company audits are so important for business credibility and increasing investment.

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