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Within the Open Access Government Finance News section, you can find a wide variety of information on the changes in the financial sector.

We often explore the development of digital banking and the future of Fintech, along with the World Bank and World Trade Organisations (WTO) stories. You can also find expert opinions on many popular topics within this category along with insights into the financial changes in other countries.

This category also covers poverty and pensions in the UK along with any legal changes to financial law. Up to date articles are available on fiscal policy and trade wars within the sector.

labour market information

Developing sources of up-to-date labour market information

Paddy Bradley, CEO of Swindon and Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership, describes developing sources of up-to-date labour market information to support decision making and track progress again set goals.
vacant buildings

Vacant buildings with a social conscience

Stuart Woolgar, CEO of Global Guardians Management Ltd, considers the social consciousness of vacant buildings.
businesses affected by COVID

Alternatives to Government support for businesses affected by COVID

Edward Wade, Content Author and Technical SEO at Wilson Field, explores some of the alternative initiatives businesses can use to help themselves through tough times.
local economic

Will EU supply chain issues encourage local economic growth in the UK?

By discussing how Brexit has affected trade between the EU and the UK, we can explore how the UK economy may experience local economic growth and how businesses should reinforce their operations to succeed in this new era of regulated trade.
domestic ipos

A global vision, domestic IPOs & Open Banking

Giovanni Caccavello from Open Banking Excellence (OBE) explains that the UK aims to maintain its role as Fintech pioneer by setting a global vision, boosting domestic IPOs and focusing on Open Banking.
financial risk

Financial Risk from the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Here, we discover what we need to know about addressing the increased financial risk from the global COVID-19 pandemic, starting with the background and challenges faced.
social responsibility of business

‘Capital has no responsibility toward humans or the planet’

Professor Boris Durisin discusses Milton Friedman’s claim that the social responsibility of business is to increase profits, and points to the prevalence of civic responsibilities.
financial challenges

Trouble ahead for business owners: Navigating financial challenges

John Bell, director and founder of Clarke Bell, reflects on the impact that reduced government support will have on struggling businesses over the months ahead and shares some advice on how companies can best navigate a difficult financial course.
furlough fraud

Furlough fraud: Can IT modernisation help find HMRC’s lost £27 billion?

Mike Kiersey, Principal Technologist, Boomi, details how HMRC can modernise their IT systems to help recoup the billions lost in furlough fraud.
job rotation scheme, furlough

A job rotation scheme could be our key to a successful economic recovery 

Professor Martin Jones, Deputy Vice Chancellor at Staffordshire University, explains why a job rotation scheme could be the next step in 'levelling-up' the economy.
inflation risks

How UK businesses can protect revenue from inflation risks using AI

Justin Silver, PhD, AI Strategist at PROS, discusses how UK businesses can leverage artificial intelligence to mitigate the effects of potential inflation risks.
financial sector

Device management is blinding the financial sector to its serious problems

Hank Schless, Senior Manager, Security Solutions at Lookout, explores why device management is blinding the financial sector to its serious problems.
Britain’s high street

How retailers can boost growth post-lockdown through data

Vihan Sharma, Managing Director Europe, LiveRamp, explores why the lockdown pushed Britain’s high street to a tipping point and why we’ll be better for it.
pension planners

What do ceding provider delays mean for pension planners?

Andrew Megson, Executive Chairman of  My Pension Expert , explains what ceding provider delays mean for pension planners and how they can protect their money by understanding their customer rights.

How are businesses dealing with bounce back loan repayments?

Edward Wade, Content Author and Technical SEO at Wilson Field, explores the impact of Bounce Back Loans now that they have stopped and repayments are due and how businesses are dealing with their repayments.
overpayments, public

Rockford Associates recovers £100m+ overpayments in 20 years

Ray Dorney, Director, Rockford Associates, celebrates the company’s achievement of recovering over £100 million overpayments as it marks its 20-year milestone.
EU Digital Finance strategy

The new EU Digital Finance strategy

Giovanni Caccavello from Open Banking Excellence (OBE) believes a tighter action plan for the EU Digital Finance strategy will promote prosperity across Europe.

How pandemic start-ups are dominating the UK business industry

Mike Elliff, CEO of Tyl by Natwest, dives into the findings compiled by the company that reveals how on average, 50,000 start-up businesses were created every month in 2020.

How to avoid a ‘have I got a good idea for you’ scheme

Crawford Temple, CEO and founder of Professional Passport, outlines the importance of looking carefully at the credentials of a provider claiming to be an umbrella firm and understand what is really being offered.
procurement framework for recovery

SARS 2: A procurement framework for recovery

Crown Commercial Service tell us that Spend Analysis and Recovery Services 2 is a procurement framework for recovery.

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