Ignition! Workshop – Training to be Amazing!

Ignition! Workshop

Wellbeing Dynamics presents the Ignition! Workshop – a programme for young people ages 9-25 to encourage self-esteem and mental well-being

Young People are our new Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Doctors, Nurses, Actors and Inventors – along with the plethora of other wonderful roles and vocations they will be embracing in their lives – and they deserve all the support they can get.

But it’s a tough world out there, and sometimes life can be challenging.

“Our Mission is to ensure that young people leave education and other programs with high self-worth and a core inner confidence, knowing who they are and what they offer to the world, with a clear direction for their future and a vision for how they can make a difference.”

Children on the Ignition! Workshop

Why does resilience and mental health matter?

There is a correlation between what a young person achieves in education and the rest of their life – and how well they do is increasingly being linked to their mental health. It is now recognised that many mental health issues in adulthood have their roots in early experiences, which makes it increasingly important to lay a solid foundation of resilience and self-worth.

Ignition! workshop

What is an Ignition! Workshop?

Training to be Amazing! is an active, fun-packed event that raises inner confidence and increases self-esteem and a sense of self-worth; the core ingredients for Resilience and strong Mental Health. Already used in the UK by Schools, YMCA Youth Workers and the National Citizenship Service; it is now available for individual young people too.

Training to be Amazing! is an immersion in a safe environment of positive expectation, where young people are acknowledged for the wonderfulness of who they are. The event itself is an exciting mix of exploration, team games and experiential learning, all designed to help attendees:

  • know their own self-worth,
  • increase their inner confidence and self-esteem
  • explore a level of social skills that will set them apart from the rest.

If you’re interested for the young person in your life, or would just like to know more about the Ignition! programme, please CLICK HERE to enter your details and we’ll send you an information pack.

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